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Spiritual Fatigue – A Myth That May Explains Much.
You can’t push this stuff down your throat. It enters your heart andierce your soul. It is for
photo 1612370296946 2c789ce8d241
Relatively Sane Or Absolutely Bonkers? A Matter Of Some Antics
A very intelligent friend of mine, one who I semi-function at least well as if he were an adult, said
photo 1629344353130 0a4478d8adcd
Are You Ready To Experience Some Amazing Spiritual Expansion By Using The Magick Tree Of Life?
Many people are requesting information from me about how they can begin to expedite their spiritual growth
photo 1606163965026 ca926a3d6407
How You Can Become Perfected Simply By Imagining It
SIMPLY Imagination is the secret of the ages. When you completely surrender yourself to it, the whole
photo 1629343900504 c271bd7c669a
You Are The Source
Dear Loved Ones, Good day to you all. I love you. You Are The Source You are the Source of it all.
photo 1605423357458 78e1f1c7cd21
Ascension, Spirituality, And The New Age – A Mythical Metaphysical Concept
“Ascension” is a popular spiritual topic. In Christianity the term is used to describe a
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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas (The Story Of Theativity)
ON THE FIFTH day of Christmas my True Love sent to me five golden rings. All linked together, these rings
photo 1626359121494 06501149777a
Ascension – What Nayers Can Do & What Holds You Back
The channeled message over the holiday season asks us to focus on what we are concentrating on instead
photo 1627404785724 bf1e7876cfc6
Aquarian Age Field Manual Of Instructions
Where are the field manuals? Where is the Aquarium Age Field Manual? Where will you find the answers
photo 1615185990716 aab92f9de18a
Your Expanded Self, Unified Field And Evolving Consciousness
In the past, healing has been viewed from the Newtonian view of the universe. This is the mechanistic
photo 1600019248149 cccdc555195e
The Gift Of Will
Will is what we choose to do. There are two planes of existence. The human and the spiritual plane.
photo 1515966097209 ec48f3216288
The Bible, Faith And Wisdom
Admira vu’ma humMainHairiloo sahills adobe leilidashin alta meilidashino adoole’
photo 1601987613787 8efbfa84c64f
Archangels Shower You With Unending Love
There are certain times in everyone’s life when the amount of love, joy, truth and happiness you
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Ego And It’s Game
The mind is just a storehouse of all our experiences. Any story that we can remember about our lives
photo 1604086508547 44b77403c555
Your Soul Is Not Your Body – Find Out The Real Reason For Your Apparent Non-Existence
Why do I talk about the spiritual being or spiritual being? simply to show you the cause of your own
photo 1535955180783 98ec5dbf657b
You Are Intuitive And Blessed
Intuition is described as the third eye of the spirit, the sixth chakra, and the center ofutics.
photo 1554355204 ed646a13955f
How Your Intuition Encourages You
Your intuition sends you encouragement while you feel stressed, depressed, lonely, afraid, tired, and ill.
photo 1622555068889 46618e4ffe06
The Power Of Dreams
A dream is a mental activity. Your REM cycles, dreams are not only generated in your head, they come
photo 1605523669143 16b27b4a98a6
A Tantra Viewpoint On The Ego
In this tantra planetary ragamuffa we wish to identify with our perceptions of the world, its people
photo 1533654294186 c1752ef9a0b4
Conscious Living – Key To A Successful Journey Through Life
Your conscious living is the starting point of your journey to self awareness, which is the path to conscious living.
photo 1612853637766 5dc39a75c1e7
Have You Been Bamboozled By The Mind?
Being up against who you think you are is quite a formidable task. It is not a lightweight something
photo 1489659639091 8b687bc4386e
The Psi Continuum Of Mind And Soul
The Wisdom of Rhiannon – Quantum Eureka Moments, Intuitions, Insights, Inspirations, Ideas With
photo 1543385431 aa93ff13f098
Blessing The Way Meditation
PARADIGM SHIFT INTO BLESSING As we grow and move into a new energy and a new paradigm, consider the greatest
photo 1627381560234 a0195f7bf672
The Gift Of Willed Oblivion – Part 1
At the moment we speak, not one single creature or even one single natural object is out of place, there
photo 1631121077830 749ed09d705a
Program Your Lover’s Heart With Love And War
There can be no peace as long as there is war, and I am living in a war, or as long as there is hatred
photo 1601191906024 54b4e490abae
Crystals – Herkimer Diamonds, The Attunement Stone
These seemingly small crystals may be a large part of your personal journey. Have you been working with
photo 1611599281224 480f709d6f6d
The Parallels Between Ancient Eastern Philosophy And New Age Philosophy
In 1000 years, the Eastern philosophy has become the New Age. But while there are no absolute truths
photo 1446813768824 b3730a9d5840
The History And Legacy Of Consciousness
Before we can begin to consider the evolution of consciousness we need to begin with the assumption that
photo 1629343728674 d8588dc473fb
The Sacred Flame Of The Heart – Conclusion
The Lover and the Beloved What causes the Sacred Flame to burn in your heart? This wondrous Fire of the
photo 1579649758908 8dc6ad7ee1f5
Mysterious Veil Of God’s Secret Fate And Destiny
There is a mystery which no one can completely holes or completely understand. This mystery is neither