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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas (The Story Of Theativity)
ON THE FIFTH day of Christmas my True Love sent to me five golden rings. All linked together, these rings
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Ascension – What Nayers Can Do & What Holds You Back
The channeled message over the holiday season asks us to focus on what we are concentrating on instead
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Aquarian Age Field Manual Of Instructions
Where are the field manuals? Where is the Aquarium Age Field Manual? Where will you find the answers
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Your Expanded Self, Unified Field And Evolving Consciousness
In the past, healing has been viewed from the Newtonian view of the universe. This is the mechanistic
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The Gift Of Will
Will is what we choose to do. There are two planes of existence. The human and the spiritual plane.
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The Bible, Faith And Wisdom
Admira vu’ma humMainHairiloo sahills adobe leilidashin alta meilidashino adoole’
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Archangels Shower You With Unending Love
There are certain times in everyone’s life when the amount of love, joy, truth and happiness you
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Ego And It’s Game
The mind is just a storehouse of all our experiences. Any story that we can remember about our lives
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Your Soul Is Not Your Body – Find Out The Real Reason For Your Apparent Non-Existence
Why do I talk about the spiritual being or spiritual being? simply to show you the cause of your own
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You Are Intuitive And Blessed
Intuition is described as the third eye of the spirit, the sixth chakra, and the center ofutics.
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How Your Intuition Encourages You
Your intuition sends you encouragement while you feel stressed, depressed, lonely, afraid, tired, and ill.
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The Power Of Dreams
A dream is a mental activity. Your REM cycles, dreams are not only generated in your head, they come
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A Tantra Viewpoint On The Ego
In this tantra planetary ragamuffa we wish to identify with our perceptions of the world, its people
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Conscious Living – Key To A Successful Journey Through Life
Your conscious living is the starting point of your journey to self awareness, which is the path to conscious living.
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Have You Been Bamboozled By The Mind?
Being up against who you think you are is quite a formidable task. It is not a lightweight something
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The Psi Continuum Of Mind And Soul
The Wisdom of Rhiannon – Quantum Eureka Moments, Intuitions, Insights, Inspirations, Ideas With
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Blessing The Way Meditation
PARADIGM SHIFT INTO BLESSING As we grow and move into a new energy and a new paradigm, consider the greatest
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The Gift Of Willed Oblivion – Part 1
At the moment we speak, not one single creature or even one single natural object is out of place, there
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Program Your Lover’s Heart With Love And War
There can be no peace as long as there is war, and I am living in a war, or as long as there is hatred
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Crystals – Herkimer Diamonds, The Attunement Stone
These seemingly small crystals may be a large part of your personal journey. Have you been working with
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The Parallels Between Ancient Eastern Philosophy And New Age Philosophy
In 1000 years, the Eastern philosophy has become the New Age. But while there are no absolute truths
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The History And Legacy Of Consciousness
Before we can begin to consider the evolution of consciousness we need to begin with the assumption that
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The Sacred Flame Of The Heart – Conclusion
The Lover and the Beloved What causes the Sacred Flame to burn in your heart? This wondrous Fire of the
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Mysterious Veil Of God’s Secret Fate And Destiny
There is a mystery which no one can completely holes or completely understand. This mystery is neither
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The Divine Woman -Benefits Of Dry Sleep
Despite popular beliefs, women do not lose their periods when they fall into a deep sleep. Rather, they
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Ascension, Lords Of Karma & Personal Destiny – Quickirk
We believe there may be additional spiritual energies spamming or streaming into the dimension of humanity
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The 7 Principles Of Inner Peace
Inner peace is the result of establishing a relationship between your conscious self and your higher self.
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Mystical Help With Illness And Struggles – Out-of-Body Experiences
Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper Red Hat, among other spiritual practitioners, shared with me an out-of-body
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The Light Of The Eyes As ASuggested Charity
The practice of oincerity is implied here. Many troubled people, though they are good and seemly, are
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Crystal Healing – Alchemy For The Body And Soul
All healing modalities, whether traditional or alternative/complimentary, all operate on interchange
Spiritual Discernment