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The Sacred Flame Of The Heart – Conclusion
The Lover and the Beloved What causes the Sacred Flame to burn in your heart? This wondrous Fire of the
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Love Brings Together Everything Improve And Gays Have This Wonderful Ability
Love is more than an emotion, Love is a bond that unites your soul with your maker. Love is the word
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How To Love God With Your Mind
In order to love God with your mind, you need to start by changing your mind. If you let your mind control
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Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2
We continue learning reason for God not to answer our prayers, and though 2 Corinthians 9:10 makes it
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Oh, How Deep The Heavenly Father’s Love
When it comes to God, we have no doubt that our Almighty Heavenly Father is incredibly loving and dually
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God’s Wisdom Can Be Seen In His Word – And InNature
Show me a fool and I’ll show you a wise man; it’s easy. Can you imagine a tree, a tree that
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Here I Am (Gulp!), Lord!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I’m sitting here at my computer with a heavy heartbecause
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Ascension, Fates, Universe, And Humans – A Visual Approach
I have discussed many esoteric aspects of the Ascension process in my other articles, so I won’
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The Light House: A Review Of The Book, By Mary Manin Morrissey
One of the most important events in my life, I feel, was when I was asked to write an article about The
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Relationship Food, A Metaphor For Christ-Centered Relationships
When I first married my husband, Jerusha Rose, I was desperate to create a relationship that was completely
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Fear Corinthians 1-2: Emphasis On Fear And A Vengeful God
In this message, we look at one of the most serious issues concerning the message of fear, and faith
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My Big Break, Part Two – I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!
My Big Break, Part Two: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! We are assured and know that [God
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Airectus Astrologus was the Greek philosopher and priest who gave early teachings on astronomy to his
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In Celebration, I Am
I am so happy and grateful to be here. I am so happy and grateful to be graced with your precious Grace.
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Need The Spirit Of Truth With All Your Heart?
What is truth? The purest form of truth is that which is straight up and honest. Truth is the real state
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AHistory Of The Kicks Of The Exodus Of The Israelites, With Connections To New Testament Times
The Exodus has the peculiar quality that it began and ended in the same way with the Lord passing over
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Oh GreatLaw Of Moses
I recently heard some monks weeping outside the gate of their monastery saying that it was like watching
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The Devouring Man
My vision was clear as John heard the voice of Jesus. TheReading Candlestickwas displayed before him.
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Why Does Almighty God Permit Certain Things? To Understand That We Have To Come Into His Presence
For one of the most serious mistakes that many of us have made in our lives, other than the first time
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Love And Devotion
Luke 9: 43 and they were all amazed when he reached there and said, “Rabbi, we want to see you.”
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Lotus Path: A Vision Quest In The Holy Land
It was early morning and I was sleeping. My husband was also sleeping, so I decided to take the kids
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What Does Spiritual Ascension Mean Anyway?
I remember during the collective build up towards the year 2012, hearing the word “Ascension”
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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed
A lot of people see healing as some supernatural, occult practice that is the devil’s work.
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Experiencing God’s Presence – Dwell
Sitting up in bed, I began to notice the small square globe in my study above my desk, which immediately
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How To Believe In A God
Believing in God is understanding first and foremost that He believes in us. So much that His Son died
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How To Be The Peace You Seek
You seek peace? You are not alone. You have come here to seek peace, but you cannot find it without hard
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Niche Of Discussion
Lately, as the spiritual science of counseling has evolved and changed in many ways, I have been visiting
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What Is Live Psychnosis & Is It Anyways Possible?
Either you’ve never heard of Live Psychnosis or you’re wondering what it is and how it can help you.
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What Can We Learn From Life’s Little Lessons?
Before I ever write an article, I pray. I ask the Lord to bring something to my mind that He wants me
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Leading A Life In Christ
No, the title is not “Church”, nor Catholicism, although both these institutions have a lot
Spiritual Discernment