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Letting Go Of The Past – Letting Go, With God
We can’t change the past. It is over. There is nothing we can do about what happened then and we
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Withdependable Love
WITH dependable love a man will find himself thinking of his wife. Women deserve respect no matter what
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The Word Of God In The Scriptures Will Make You Rich
These are the primary tenets that have made the preserving of my soul one of my highest priorities.
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The Storms Of Life
Are you waiting for something to happen or are you stuck in fear that things may not work out as you desire?
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The Nearness Of You
Dhyan Who doth not know that heareth not? Who doth not feel that heareth not? Who hath not seen that
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A Logical Way To Face Death
Here are the conscious thoughts which govern my behavior. I have been unable to find an error in the logic: 1.
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How To Know And Imagine God
Serving God is a way of life that in itself can bring within us a sense of holiness and God given purity.
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Spiritual Reframing: Unpacking Effective Bible Wisdom
Human nature is rooted in pride and often seeks to justify that pride which causes us to react against
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Spiritual Fatigue – A Myth That May Explains Much.
You can’t push this stuff down your throat. It enters your heart andierce your soul. It is for
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The Religion Of Love – The Solution For Man’s Suffering
Question:”What is The Religion of Love?” Answer:The Religion of Love is the only true solution
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What Do You Really Want To Be Known In Heaven?
What is important to you? What is it that you wake up each day to be able to face? Whether it is before
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The Noise That Is Loud Enough To Be Heard Is Ignored By The Deaf, Blind And Mighty
Without sound and exterminating every other noise, there would be little to no life on earth.
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Two Sides Of The Same Coin – A Closer Look At The Paradoxical Theology Of Christ
Imagine two people, one who is rich and the other who is poor. They both have the same amount of money
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Jesus Christ Is Interested In And Concerned About Your Circumstances More Than You May Realise!
Thirty eight years is a long time to have been lying chronically sick. This is the situation which Jesus
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Help With Prayer – Who Do You Actually Pray To?
One step toward enormous growth in prayer is to begin to notice what you pray about. This is not so much
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You’re Kidding Yourself, Right? – Trust Yourself To Tell The Truth
How many times have we been encouraged to go unlimited by our well meaning ones? You know…
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Prayer Resolutions – Which Prayer Is Really The Best?
Some of us write our resolutions about all the wonderful things we want to do, and some of us write them
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Why Surrender And Let The God Of Heaven Do It
If there’s one thing that we as Christians should all hold near to our hearts it’
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Why We Should Be Honest With God
If you are honest with God, then it is more easy for Him to bless you and for you to be fruitful.
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How You Can Become A Positive Contributing Member Of Your Church
Some 3,500 babies are born in China every minute. That’s one every minute, twenty-four hours a day.
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Faith For The Non-believers?
Like most people who are fairly new to an area or certain topic, I tend to take everything new, new or
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The Spirit Of The Universe And The Spirit Of Prophecy Filled This Genuinely Disinct Man’s Heart And Mind
There is a darkness that comes over men when serious and vital matters are considered and resolved.
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Worrying Times Or Exciting Times?
Our world is a little upside down right now, many people are feeling like times are getting harder, but
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How To Settle Your Accounts And Have All Your Debts Paid Off In One Simple Phone Call
Many people strive to make things right with God, yet honest questions go unanswered. Every day, we end
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Greed And Exploitation – Are They Partners In Crime?
I was just thinking about the effects of greed and exploitation in the world today. I understand why
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Why God Is Important In Our Lives
Today many people are focused on money, fame, power, and material things of this world but what does
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My Irrevocable Gift And Irreversible Call
Like an unannounced tsunami, I see the destruction of everything around me. I see pieces of broken relationships
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Ego Vs Reality
When you happen to watch the Joan form a twinkle in your eye, your laugh must send shivers down your spine.
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What Is The Love Of God All About?
Love is what God is all about! There are 1,001 things that God loves about us humans. For some of us
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What Does It Mean For God To Be With Me|Part 1
Will God be with me? Am I His child – the Church of Jesus Christ or is He a father to another person?