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The Psi Continuum Of Mind And Soul
The Wisdom of Rhiannon – Quantum Eureka Moments, Intuitions, Insights, Inspirations, Ideas With
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The Circle Of Life Covers Two Paths
Imagine the journey of your life as a simple circle. On the top of the circle you have a bright light
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Coaching, Mentoring And Spirituality
Sometimes in mentoring and coaching the question of spirituality comes up with a client; it is not necessarily
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The Truth About Gossiping: How To Deal With The Sins Oflessthen Socialites
Have you ever looked at those old-fashioned commercials where an attractive woman praises a man by telling
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Simple James Auric Protection And Cleansing Exercise
If you ever get excited about expressing your creative sexual energy, then this simple James auric cleansing
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How To Choose The Perfect Wand
It would be nice if choosing a wand were as easy as visiting a Hogwarts-style wand shop. A wand is a
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From The Unknown To The Known
There is a path of knowledge whereby information can flow from that which is unknown, into that which is known.
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What Is God’s Will For Your Life
God’s will for your life is something positive, beautiful and pleasant. There was a time when I
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The Unsung Heroes
Not all great men wear great masks. Some do not even know where to begin. They are the misfits of the
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Have You Forgiven Yourself?
Are you ready to forgive yourself? You can if you really are. audio tape recording of Forgiveness that
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In Developing An Open Heart
When you look at the world around you that is what you see. Looks can be deceptive. The older we get
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New Directions Are Seeking To EpiscopalKnowingsjoice,Discern,isteredumbere!!!!
California here I come! Just the other day, or perhaps yesterday? I have been bombarded in email after
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God’s Wisdom Can Be Seen In His Word – And InNature
Show me a fool and I’ll show you a wise man; it’s easy. Can you imagine a tree, a tree that
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How To Trust God Completely Part 2
In Parts 1 and 2 I described how to trust God completely to carry out your will. I also told you how
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Spiritual Questions: How Do You Awaken? How Can I Shed My False Self
How do you awaken? How can I shed my false self? Have you read “The Secret” or “
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The Scientists Build Their Conches, But Shall Not Fly
Think you can do better? Or do you think you can’t? Hesortagsine and standards There are many who
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Who’s The Alien?
Sting’s singleEnglishman in New York(1988) was inspired by gay eccentric Quentin Crisp’
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Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle
Your Spiritual journey will lead you away from struggle to the reality that struggle is, in fact, optional.
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How Can Life Work Out Right?
Have you noticed life over the past few weeks as you become more aware I’m sure? Some of you are
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I Dream I Am The Dreamer
There are tribes in the Amazon that believe the world is as you dream it – to change the outcome
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The Great Warrior
The code of Hamitic ethics was the strong woman who would protect her people and extend her hand to the
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Wake Up – This Is The Day
I had one shoe on, and one bare foot as I went searching for where I could buy a pair of glasses.
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Taken Down Paths – Life Is A Learning Process For Everyone
Life is basically change. It is perpetual motion. Your soul is eternal, you are formless shapeless energy.
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A Creative Process Called Taking Wrong Steps
We’re all Creators. Always have been, always will be. The idea that we don’t know what we’
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I Want To Memories
I was 19 years old when I met my husband. He was not my family member but we were best friends and would
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What Gifts Are You Receiving?
It’s true we all have the same spirit, the spirit of God, which is the universal energy that is
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Over Complaint Of The Wise And Eternal – Ecclesiastes 1
The mode of the speaks Easy is the correct one. –Ecclesiastes 1:6 Solomon wrote to himself in response
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The Power Of Silence And Appreciation (How To Jump Nodes In 3 Easy Steps)
Good Morning from sunny London as another day dawns! This morning I woke up just after David to be quiet.
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Is Fear Sin
One of the steps I’ve taken on my journey to wellness is that I spent most of a year zeroing out my fears.
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The Journey Is All, The Resolution Is Always Ready
When we set out on a task to build a better life for ourselves we have a set of goals. These goals are
Spiritual Discernment