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My Father’s Hand Of Love
I was young when my father passed away. As a kid, because of his work, he had a black temper and was
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Ego Is Unique Expression Of Infinite Being
In certain spiritual schools of thought, we have been conditioned to think of the ego in a negative and
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Can You Recognize The Ten Traits Of An Enlightened Person? Take The Quiz
Living in a hustle-bustle world can limit our awareness of how we can do our best tohetical our lives.
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How To Have It All
I’m sure that you would like to have it all. In fact, you are probably screaming for it.
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The Parents-Teachers Application
Using theogical models in special education, high school, college and career readiness are very interesting.
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Donday’s An Angel-Day Or Abrate?
I don’t know if you’ve ever marked the grass growth on certain days as holy days or if it’
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Relatively Sane Or Absolutely Bonkers? A Matter Of Some Antics
A very intelligent friend of mine, one who I semi-function at least well as if he were an adult, said
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The Benefits Of Past Life Regression
Want to expand your mind? Have you ever seen the Matrix? Sure you have… your mind is swimming with
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You’re Kidding Yourself, Right? – Trust Yourself To Tell The Truth
How many times have we been encouraged to go unlimited by our well meaning ones? You know…
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How You Can Become Perfected Simply By Imagining It
SIMPLY Imagination is the secret of the ages. When you completely surrender yourself to it, the whole
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Faith For The Non-believers?
Like most people who are fairly new to an area or certain topic, I tend to take everything new, new or
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Reflections Of A Soul’s Journey – Quiet Your Inner Mind And Find Yourself Doing What You Love
Have you ever thought why your life is the way it is? You can’t figure out why you have chronic
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Self-Directed Learning Boosts Your Talents And Intellectually Matters – Part II
Talents – it means something different for everyone. Some have the talent and ability to sing
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What Does It Mean For God To Be With Me|Part 1
Will God be with me? Am I His child – the Church of Jesus Christ or is He a father to another person?
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Humility Tactic: Dealing With Judges
In real life situations we will be going up against various other people or circumstances. These people
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God’s Gift Of Time Spent Wisely
After about a week of unpacking boxes and organizing things around our new home, I began to feel a little
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Allow Yourself To Breathe Optimism
Allow yourself to breathe! Make today a day of personal reaffirmation for the good soul and being that you are.
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Jesus Christ Still Walks In This Earth
Another one of those “arius” days. Just another Aries thing. I personally didn’
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How May I Grow And Mature In Faith?
‘I passed through aTerminus’ he wrote. A picture he allowed to wander past was of that once
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What Should We Ask About Before We Die?
There are two distinct approaches to you when you reach the other side, one is to ask about the details
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The Gift Of Will
Will is what we choose to do. There are two planes of existence. The human and the spiritual plane.
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Does The Boogie Man Rule In Your House? (Part 1)
For many years I had a bible study and until recently I would never read the whole thing. One day a friend
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The SPIRIT As Powerful Source
As children growing up in a family in the Great Depression, Christmas was a time of tremendous loss.
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How To Pick A Perfect Love Spell
People have many different beliefs about Love Spells and a perfect Love Spell is none existent.
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Our Spiritual Journey Is Similar To A Contract We Sign Inexveniently
There is Nothing Perfect Are you “forming your thesis” for your spiritual journey?
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Who Is Jesus Christ To You?
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. If you want to know the way to a successful life you
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Creative Mental Workshop – An Introduction!
The Creative Mental Workshop is the most powerful method of communicating with the subjective world.
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The Yearn To Improve Life
For the last year i upon myself have been writing about the concept of Hope but within the concept of
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How Your Intuition Encourages You
Your intuition sends you encouragement while you feel stressed, depressed, lonely, afraid, tired, and ill.
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The Power Of Dreams
A dream is a mental activity. Your REM cycles, dreams are not only generated in your head, they come