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The Spirit Of The Universe And The Spirit Of Prophecy Filled This Genuinely Disinct Man’s Heart And Mind
There is a darkness that comes over men when serious and vital matters are considered and resolved.
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Your Success Is Up To You
God has designed each and every one of us to succeed. It has always been that way and in this economy
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Resurrection From The Belly Of The Beast
It’s the miracle that is Resurrection, it’s mentioned in the Prophets down through the ages, it’
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Greed And Exploitation – Are They Partners In Crime?
I was just thinking about the effects of greed and exploitation in the world today. I understand why
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What Is The Wiccan Winter Solstice
The wiccan winter solstice (from the Latin sol for sun and sistere to stand still) is more commonly known
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Adam And Eve: The Story Of Human Consciousness
For well over a thousand years, mainstream Christianity remains faithful to the story of the creation
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What Does It Mean To Be Truly Saved?
What is salvation? There are tons of definitions out there, none of which are wrong or inaccurate.
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Why God Is Important In Our Lives
Today many people are focused on money, fame, power, and material things of this world but what does
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Self-Directed Learning Boosts Your Talents And Intellectually Matters – Part II
Talents – it means something different for everyone. Some have the talent and ability to sing
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Wonement – What Does It Mean To Be Simply “Forgiven?”
One of the most nonsensical statements we can make is to say that we are “just forgiven.”
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The Christian, What Are The Straws In Your Cup?
For those of you who are on our team who prefer to call yourself Christians, but really don’
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What Does God Want?
This question is one frequently mulled over by Christians. Often, we find ourselves asking, “
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A Guide To Soul Alignment – Deconstructing The Masks We Wear Today
A Spiritual Scientist asked me a question the other day. “Whenever I hear about astice or alignment
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Ego Vs Reality
When you happen to watch the Joan form a twinkle in your eye, your laugh must send shivers down your spine.
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What Is The Love Of God All About?
Love is what God is all about! There are 1,001 things that God loves about us humans. For some of us
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W Orderexperience – A Man Evolvement Story
We experience human evolutionary emergence in two distinct phases, pre- and post-human transformation.
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Adam And Eve: The Story Of Human Consciousness
For well over a thousand years, mainstream Christianity has taught that the creation of Adam and Eve
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The Overlight Series – Part 3 -Healing The Shadow
Fear the shadow is a concept that has been explored by many different cultures and by the esoteric sciences.
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The Room Of All Evils – Thinkulation And Globalization
The more we can knock down the walls of our own individualism, the more we can lift up the consciousness
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Problems In Life – Divine Solutions – Part 2
The Market And The Real World Is there a contradiction in the world – a problem with the same solution?
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What Is It That Most People Long For? Or Ought It To Be?
There is one thing that most people crave desperately and yet so few of us actually achieve it in our
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The Kabbalah Of Yom Kippur: Rising To The Challenge
Yom Kippur comes from Mosheh to Moses in theos. It draws its name from the Mineulsetr Our foundations
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Prayer Assassination – Why?
I believe many people have heard of the term “preeza.” It is an old and deep Greek word that
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Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2
We continue reading in the letter of Paul to the church at Thessalonica – there is a bit more detail
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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas (The Story Of Theativity)
ON THE FIFTH day of Christmas my True Love sent to me five golden rings. All linked together, these rings
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Worried About Your Vows To God? Don’t Be!
We have all vowed. We have all said out loud that we are willing to live our lives in Gods’
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What Is A Christian? Part One:ace In Action
First of all, What is a Christian? Is a Christian a person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God
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The Power Of Belief
I found my personal power to be greatest when I could use words and actions to help others or to achieve goals.
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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed
A lot of people see healing as something God has to do, but healing is something that you receive.
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Pastors, Priests And Priestesses – What’s Missing In The Church?
I found myself reflecting over our conversation yesterday as we were discussing marriage and spirituality.