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Who Is Wise And Understanding Among You? – James 3:13-18
Have you got a big mouth? Do you often speak out the truth for no apparent reason? Does your tongue ever
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Have You Felt God’s Power?
How you can witness the power of God. As I am writing this article, the American football season is in
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How To Do The Most Important Things In Life – Number 1 How To Ensure Your Salvation
(Directed by the Lord Jesus, the author of the book of Hebrews, chapter 6) The first thing we must do
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The Power Of Prayer
I have heard many people say that prayer is the tool that is God’s use for communicating with man.
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How To Stroll Through The Heavenly Jerusalem And Enjoy The Queen Of Heaven – Part II
Purpose of this Letter One of the purposes of this epistle is to encourage the believers to engage further
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The Spirit Of Truth And Revelation
As Jesus waited upon and glorified the Father in his corporeal life, the Spirit will wait on and glorify
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The Gift Of Will
Will is what we choose to do. Sometimes my will opposes the new covenant sealed with God’
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& Othermissed Opportunities
I was reading this morning in the book of Romans that God uses “ossification” of the wheat
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How To Give The Real Christ To Young People
Very many leaders of churches think that by baptizing persons, preaching to them, infilling them with
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Life Abounds – And Nearly Always In Recession
Recidivism is the Phrase we generally hear about when it comes to “the good economy.”
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The Spirit Of Truth – Part 2
In Part 1, we discussed the basic principles of the Pentecostal faith, also known as the trinity doctrine.
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John Bible Study: Introduction – The Purpose Of The Book Of John
The book of John is the fourth book of the New Testament. It is often called “The Gospel According
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Changing The Present
On January 4th, 2010 ABC News 20/20 did a report on theBook of Revelation, Revelation chapter 4.
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The True Purpose Of Life
This is such an important question, as it is the fundamental desire of the heart, or the main purpose
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Only “Spiritual” Gullible People Believe The New Testament “Christian” Bible Verses Are The Original Untempered Truth
Quotation marks “…in theiration of God…” mean that the entire Bible was written
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The Shredding Of God’s Moral Fabric – “The Revelation Of The Galilean Recapture Story”, Part 2
In my last article, we investigated the question of how God can bring His purposes and destiny for His
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The Table Which Has Eyes
One of my favorite Bible stories is the story of the Pharisees and Jesus. The Pharisees were the teachers
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There are three aspects to reincarnation, and therefore salvation in one of the most commonly studied
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God’s Prayer-Positioning System – A Recession Prayer Strategy – Part Two
Where is God When it Hurts; Right Beside me and my All -Psalm 146:8 The entire universe points to the
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Heaven And Hell – Do They Exist?
Is there a heaven and a hell? Do they really exist? These two questions have been asked for centuries.
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Experiencing God’s Presence – Dwell
Sitting up in bed, I began to notice the small square globe in my study above my desk, which immediately
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Co Summarising The Gospel Of Mark And The Tipareth Mark 1:1-13
As church fathers Lambornier &hrairie repeatedly stated in their writings, the Gospelsial tradition
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How To Develop Your Intuition
Why is it desirable to develop your intuition? Your intuition is the means by which you receive information
Spiritual Discernment