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Withdependable Love
WITH dependable love a man will find himself thinking of his wife. Women deserve respect no matter what
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The Law Of Non-Intercession
Love and affection cast out all fear; love covers all sins; love never fails. (1 John 4:18) Thanks be
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Do You Want To See More, Do You Want To See Differently?
I said to my wife, “I think I want a divorce.” I was half-jokingly referring to the fact
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The Unique Spiritualendor Of Marriage
At a time when cultural disposition convinces us that the institution of marriage has no relevance to
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The Three Phases Of Trauma Or Suffering – Is This A BAD TIME To Hurry Unfinished?
Have you ever waited a whole lifetime for one of your children to come home for one of their last six homes?
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Ascension, Fates, Universe, And Humans – A Visual Approach
I have discussed many esoteric aspects of the Ascension process in my other articles, so I won’