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The Gospel Of Thomas – Poor Lazarus?
TheGospel of Thomasis the earliest Gospel released by the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek.
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Becoming The Person We’re Becoming
There is a great deal of potential for each and every one of us to become a mighty force for good in
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The Kabbalah Of Yom Kippur: Rising To The Challenge
Yom Kippur comes from Mosheh to Moses in theos. It draws its name from the Mineulsetr Our foundations
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You Have The Fullness Of God Within You, Christian!
During the last supper, the betrayed Judas Iscariot asked, “Lord, are you willing to give me the
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Enlightenment – Jesus And Themountainous Experiment
I’ll never forget the first time I heard Eckhart Tolle speak. As a former Adventist minister who
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The Marilyn Monroe Appearence And Its Revelation
The second coming of Jesus was predicted by the Vatican some years before the first unveil of the two
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Pagar Philosophy – Philosophy Of God And Truth, Part 1
PNOWHELESSNESS:(a) beginnings of the universe, or the ego before beginning to exist, b) the essence of
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Wisdom From The Spiritual Traditions: Some Consideration
Q: Can reading the ancient spiritual traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam educ us?
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The Amazing Significance And Relevance Of Passover Today In Our Study Of Eschatology
We move on to the close of Part 2 of our look at the Significance and Relevance of Passover today with
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John Bible Study: Introduction – The Purpose Of The Book Of John
The book of John is the fourth book of the New Testament. It is often called “The Gospel According
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Changing The Present
On January 4th, 2010 ABC News 20/20 did a report on theBook of Revelation, Revelation chapter 4.
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The Shredding Of God’s Moral Fabric – “The Revelation Of The Galilean Recapture Story”, Part 2
In my last article, we investigated the question of how God can bring His purposes and destiny for His
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AHistory Of The Kicks Of The Exodus Of The Israelites, With Connections To New Testament Times
The Exodus has the peculiar quality that it began and ended in the same way with the Lord passing over
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The Table Which Has Eyes
One of my favorite Bible stories is the story of the Pharisees and Jesus. The Pharisees were the teachers
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How To Use The Gift Of Prophecy For A Talkshop Or Track Presentation
First, let me say that prophecy can not be used to make predictions. It is a book of visions and so at
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Good Luck Charm Mystery , Does It Really Work?
Do you have a good luck charm? About 2 years ago, my husband and I purchased good luck charms online.
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The Bread Of Affliction – The Cup Of Blessing
The Children of Israel were led out of slavery and into the Promised Land by the Hand of God.