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How You Can Become A Positive Contributing Member Of Your Church
Some 3,500 babies are born in China every minute. That’s one every minute, twenty-four hours a day.
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Faith For The Non-believers?
Like most people who are fairly new to an area or certain topic, I tend to take everything new, new or
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Worrying Times Or Exciting Times?
Our world is a little upside down right now, many people are feeling like times are getting harder, but
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Reflections Of A Soul’s Journey – Quiet Your Inner Mind And Find Yourself Doing What You Love
Have you ever thought why your life is the way it is? You can’t figure out why you have chronic
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How To Settle Your Accounts And Have All Your Debts Paid Off In One Simple Phone Call
Many people strive to make things right with God, yet honest questions go unanswered. Every day, we end
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Adam And Eve: The Story Of Human Consciousness
For well over a thousand years, mainstream Christianity remains faithful to the story of the creation
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Z Chromosome And The ScientificEXperience
The Y region of the DNA projector is where the experiential -or personal -reality is stored.
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Why God Is Important In Our Lives
Today many people are focused on money, fame, power, and material things of this world but what does
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Self-Directed Learning Boosts Your Talents And Intellectually Matters – Part II
Talents – it means something different for everyone. Some have the talent and ability to sing
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What Does God Want?
This question is one frequently mulled over by Christians. Often, we find ourselves asking, “
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The Power Of Love
At its basic level, Oxford University Press defines LOVE as”…an intense feeling of deep affection.”
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Ego Vs Reality
When you happen to watch the Joan form a twinkle in your eye, your laugh must send shivers down your spine.
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What Is The Love Of God All About?
Love is what God is all about! There are 1,001 things that God loves about us humans. For some of us
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Friends And Relationships
Categorical Imperative: It is neither moral nor ethical to treat a person as a means to an end, but to
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What Does It Mean For God To Be With Me|Part 1
Will God be with me? Am I His child – the Church of Jesus Christ or is He a father to another person?
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What Is It That Most People Long For? Or Ought It To Be?
There is one thing that most people crave desperately and yet so few of us actually achieve it in our
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Humility Tactic: Dealing With Judges
In real life situations we will be going up against various other people or circumstances. These people
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God’s Gift Of Time Spent Wisely
After about a week of unpacking boxes and organizing things around our new home, I began to feel a little
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The Power Of Belief
I found my personal power to be greatest when I could use words and actions to help others or to achieve goals.
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Pastors, Priests And Priestesses – What’s Missing In The Church?
I found myself reflecting over our conversation yesterday as we were discussing marriage and spirituality.
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Hearing The Voice Of God – How To Hear God Speak To You
Did you know God can speak to you? Just how would you hear God if you could only open up that electrical
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The Tarot, Astrology And Past Lives
I’ll admit, I had a predilection forcelestial interpretationsbefore I even understood that things
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Psychic Readings – What Is Better: Live Or By Phone?
Many people approach me, requesting a psychic reading “in person”, believing erroneously
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Exploring Your Dreams Through The Exploration Method
A method that dreaming is explored is the exploration method, in that you answer the question, “
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Worship – Our Elswhere
Yes I know that there are some that are wage-workers,Increased to better sleep, and relieving the relieved
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What Has Forgiveness To Do With Peace?
The concept of non-duality or the unconditioned love that you feel is so expansive that it can embrace
photo 1524492412937 b28074a5d7da
We all hear the expression “the meaning of life” in the secular world. Asking this question
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Love Yourself
Just had some thoughts about self love and self forgiveness. I know you all have heard much about this
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Warehouse Of Miracles
I found myself saying to God, “What’s the store of miracles you’ve created for me?”
photo 1618938349856 b81ae295bc9b
What Is God’s Will For Your Life
God’s will for your life is something positive, beautiful, joyous and wonderful, something you
Spiritual Discernment