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God’s Gift Of Time Spent Wisely
After about a week of unpacking boxes and organizing things around our new home, I began to feel a little
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The Power Of Belief
I found my personal power to be greatest when I could use words and actions to help others or to achieve goals.
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Pastors, Priests And Priestesses – What’s Missing In The Church?
I found myself reflecting over our conversation yesterday as we were discussing marriage and spirituality.
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Hearing The Voice Of God – How To Hear God Speak To You
Did you know God can speak to you? Just how would you hear God if you could only open up that electrical
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The Tarot, Astrology And Past Lives
I’ll admit, I had a predilection forcelestial interpretationsbefore I even understood that things
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Psychic Readings – What Is Better: Live Or By Phone?
Many people approach me, requesting a psychic reading “in person”, believing erroneously
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Exploring Your Dreams Through The Exploration Method
A method that dreaming is explored is the exploration method, in that you answer the question, “
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Worship – Our Elswhere
Yes I know that there are some that are wage-workers,Increased to better sleep, and relieving the relieved
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What Has Forgiveness To Do With Peace?
The concept of non-duality or the unconditioned love that you feel is so expansive that it can embrace
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We all hear the expression “the meaning of life” in the secular world. Asking this question
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Love Yourself
Just had some thoughts about self love and self forgiveness. I know you all have heard much about this
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Warehouse Of Miracles
I found myself saying to God, “What’s the store of miracles you’ve created for me?”
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What Is God’s Will For Your Life
God’s will for your life is something positive, beautiful, joyous and wonderful, something you
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Ascension – What Nayers Can Do & What Holds You Back
The channeled message over the holiday season asks us to focus on what we are concentrating on instead
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The New Children – Crystal And Indigo Energies
The New Children (aka Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children) are everywhere. They are highly evolved
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Etre De La Funereal
When we think of holydays, November 11th in particular, we think of the Slowpulse tradition that extends
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Jesus Christ Still Walks In This Earth
Another one of those “arius” days. Just another Aries thing. I personally didn’
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What It Means To Serve In A Godly Capacity
Anyone who believes in God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is bound to find themselves, serving
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Valuable Space, Most Essential For Spirituality
Like riding a hot broom in the middle of winter, when the temperature drops we are too afraid to go inside.
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As Soon As You Get Out Of My Head, You’re In My Body
Do you keep your thoughts to yourself? I mean really quiet and discreet, please don’t you?
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How Can Angels Change Your Life For You?
I ask another question: “Can YOU personally experience the loving, delivered of the Angels in your
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Loving Your Neighbors
If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a
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What If Creation Is Unraveled By Intrinsic Expectations?
Part of the problem with most Christians is that they tend to think in a very limited way. They think
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Beyond Human Comprehension
In most scriptures and religious writings dealing with creation, man is portrayed as a very ignorant
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What Is Spirituality And Why Religions War Against It
Spirituality goes further than mere religious beliefs. These things are purely artificial and have nothing
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What Should We Ask About Before We Die?
There are two distinct approaches to you when you reach the other side, one is to ask about the details
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Church: Where Do We Go From Here!
Like many people I have experienced what I call a mystical experience. I saw Jesus, a bright light, and
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Does The Boogie Man Rule In Your House? (Part 1)
For many years I had a bible study and until recently I would never read the whole thing. One day a friend
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The │ Standard Of Performance
How do you measure success? There are many different yardsticks but the indispensably true one is the
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The Tarot, Astrology And Palm Readings – 21 Spiritual Questions To Ask Yourself
Someone who studies Tarot likely wants to become a proficient reader, as well as to help other people.
Spiritual Discernment