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Can You Recognize The Ten Traits Of An Enlightened Person? Take The Quiz
Living in a hustle-bustle world can limit our awareness of how we can do our best tohetical our lives.
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Friends And Relationships
Categorical Imperative: It is neither moral nor ethical to treat a person as a means to an end, but to
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Deciphering Dreams – The Main Key To Understanding Your Dreams
Dreams are one of the great mysteries of life. As we try to interpret them, we find that there are as
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Exploring Your Dreams Through The Exploration Method
A method that dreaming is explored is the exploration method, in that you answer the question, “
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What Has Forgiveness To Do With Peace?
The concept of non-duality or the unconditioned love that you feel is so expansive that it can embrace
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The New Children – Crystal And Indigo Energies
The New Children (aka Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children) are everywhere. They are highly evolved
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Is There Only One Power?
How different would the world be if we all agreed to follow one power, and one that is within all of us.
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Are You Living By Design, Or By Default?
Design – Discovering the Connection Between Your Life and the Life of the Divine “
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Word Sculptures Of A Mystical Experience
The Mystical Experience “The mysteries of life become lucid … and often, nay usually, the
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You Are Not Alone
It’s important to remember that you are not alone in experiencing what you believe. There are a
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Living A Life Of Motivation
Did you know…through reading God’s Word, you can gain much more than you can imagine?
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The Voices Of God
Occasionally we hear of people who claim to hear the voices of God, and it is almost without doubt that they do.
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Airectus Astrologus was the Greek philosopher and priest who gave early teachings on astronomy to his
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Ascension, Spirituality, And The New Age – A Mythical Metaphysical Concept
“Ascension” is a popular spiritual topic. In Christianity the term is used to describe the
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The Power Of Opulence – Cultivate Your Spiritual Affection
What is one of the most rewarding gifts that can be given to someone you care? Spiritual gifts are given
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Transcise YourStars Into True Adultery
What can be more enjoyable, more relaxing, more satisfying than listening to old ChopraFace orations?
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The Journey Is All, The Resolution Is Always Ready
When we set out on a task to build a better life for ourselves we have a set of goals. These goals are
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What Is Thought Power?
Does the concept of your ability to think make sense? Then you will like this, concentrate power is the