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Who Benefits When A Loved One Passes?
The question as it is posed: If someone who loved my father passed away would the benefit go to my ex
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The Role Of The Spiritual Warrior
What power do we hold individually in the spiritual world? Many people find themselves repeating over
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Why God Isn’t Much Less Of A Stranger To Our Oftentimes Luridly Selfish Human Nature
EMOTIONAL weakness, psychosomaticancy, narcissism, megalomania, and the like, have forever tainted the
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Do You Believe In The Unknown?
I was cruising on a riverside, bow wave fishermen , fishing on the mid farm. We were both fishing rod &
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Fear – Face It And Respond With Understanding
What does it mean when we say, “Fear is our greatest enemy”? What is it that causes us to
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The 7 Principles Of Inner Peace
Inner peace is the result of establishing a relationship between your conscious self and your higher self.
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How Does The Scientology Purification Rundown Work?
The Purification Rundown is a detoxification program run by the Church of Scientology, and when done
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C Patt Prayer Denmark
Strength In time of great change, change is occurring as a natural result of peoples changing.