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Letting Go Of The Past – Letting Go, With God
We can’t change the past. It is over. There is nothing we can do about what happened then and we
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Pillars Of Disapprobation
The practice of judging others has a number of distinct advantages. When we judge others we are elevated
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The Gospel Of Thomas – Poor Lazarus?
TheGospel of Thomasis the earliest Gospel released by the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek.
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How To Know And Imagine God
Serving God is a way of life that in itself can bring within us a sense of holiness and God given purity.
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Spiritual Reframing: Unpacking Effective Bible Wisdom
Human nature is rooted in pride and often seeks to justify that pride which causes us to react against
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How Spiritual Practice Works Best
Ernest Holmes said in The Science of Mind that “Perfect belief is the beginning and the end of
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The Noise That Is Loud Enough To Be Heard Is Ignored By The Deaf, Blind And Mighty
Without sound and exterminating every other noise, there would be little to no life on earth.
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Jesus Christ Is Interested In And Concerned About Your Circumstances More Than You May Realise!
Thirty eight years is a long time to have been lying chronically sick. This is the situation which Jesus
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Becoming The Person We’re Becoming
There is a great deal of potential for each and every one of us to become a mighty force for good in
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Help With Prayer – Who Do You Actually Pray To?
One step toward enormous growth in prayer is to begin to notice what you pray about. This is not so much
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Prayer Resolutions – Which Prayer Is Really The Best?
Some of us write our resolutions about all the wonderful things we want to do, and some of us write them
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Why Surrender And Let The God Of Heaven Do It
If there’s one thing that we as Christians should all hold near to our hearts it’
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Oh, How Deep The Heavenly Father’s Love
Having a son is one of the greatest privileges and opportunities a father can have. When God says “
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Spiritual Hunger
A burglar was arrested and appeared before a judge. The judge found him guilty and before he sentenced
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Why We Should Be Honest With God
If you are honest with God, then it is more easy for Him to bless you and for you to be fruitful.
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Ascension, Spirituality, And The New Age – A Mythical Metaphysical Concept
“Ascension” is a popular spiritual topic. In Christianity the term is used to describe a
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The Spirit Of The Universe And The Spirit Of Prophecy Filled This Genuinely Disinct Man’s Heart And Mind
There is a darkness that comes over men when serious and vital matters are considered and resolved.
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Resurrection From The Belly Of The Beast
It’s the miracle that is Resurrection, it’s mentioned in the Prophets down through the ages, it’
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Adam And Eve: The Story Of Human Consciousness
For well over a thousand years, mainstream Christianity remains faithful to the story of the creation
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What Does It Mean To Be Truly Saved?
What is salvation? There are tons of definitions out there, none of which are wrong or inaccurate.
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Wonement – What Does It Mean To Be Simply “Forgiven?”
One of the most nonsensical statements we can make is to say that we are “just forgiven.”
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The Christian, What Are The Straws In Your Cup?
For those of you who are on our team who prefer to call yourself Christians, but really don’
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A Guide To Soul Alignment – Deconstructing The Masks We Wear Today
A Spiritual Scientist asked me a question the other day. “Whenever I hear about astice or alignment
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What Is The Love Of God All About?
Love is what God is all about! There are 1,001 things that God loves about us humans. For some of us
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W Orderexperience – A Man Evolvement Story
We experience human evolutionary emergence in two distinct phases, pre- and post-human transformation.
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Adam And Eve: The Story Of Human Consciousness
For well over a thousand years, mainstream Christianity has taught that the creation of Adam and Eve
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Prayer Assassination – Why?
I believe many people have heard of the term “preeza.” It is an old and deep Greek word that
photo 1532498797808 9b734f29e551
Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2
We continue reading in the letter of Paul to the church at Thessalonica – there is a bit more detail
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Worried About Your Vows To God? Don’t Be!
We have all vowed. We have all said out loud that we are willing to live our lives in Gods’
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What Is A Christian? Part One:ace In Action
First of all, What is a Christian? Is a Christian a person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God