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Soul Searching In The Modern Era
If one were to observe the people of older decades (and in a good way) they would readily acknowledge
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The Power Of Opulence – Cultivate Your Spiritual Affection
What is one of the most rewarding gifts that can be given to someone you care? Spiritual gifts are given
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Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle
Your Spiritual journey will lead you away from struggle to the reality that struggle is, in fact, optional.
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Bajarana – Theacle – And What It Is Overcoming!
Brahma – The father of the universe. Brahma is the Sanskrit word describing the cosmos, and also
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What Do You Allow In?
I see that we are not meant to be alone, plus I am sure that God has plans for us that are much bigger
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Oh GreatLaw Of Moses
I recently heard some monks weeping outside the gate of their monastery saying that it was like watching
photo 1604086509134 de7eeb5d7895
Why Does Almighty God Permit Certain Things? To Understand That We Have To Come Into His Presence
For one of the most serious mistakes that many of us have made in our lives, other than the first time
photo 1629140028596 8de507916e5a
What Does Spiritual Ascension Mean Anyway?
I remember during the collective build up towards the year 2012, hearing the word “Ascension”
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The Power Of Reality
Dear Loved Ones, Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights. We welcome
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How Can Life Work Out Right?
Have you noticed life over the past few weeks as you become more aware I’m sure? Some of you are
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The Great Warrior
The code of Hamitic ethics was the strong woman who would protect her people and extend her hand to the
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A Joy Filled Life
The word that comes to my mind when I hear the word “joy” is “pain”
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How To Believe In A God
Believing in God is understanding first and foremost that He believes in us. So much that His Son died
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How To Be The Peace You Seek
You seek peace? You are not alone. You have come here to seek peace, but you cannot find it without hard
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What Can We Learn From Life’s Little Lessons?
Before I ever write an article, I pray. I ask the Lord to bring something to my mind that He wants me
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A Creative Process Called Taking Wrong Steps
We’re all Creators. Always have been, always will be. The idea that we don’t know what we’
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Leading A Life In Christ
No, the title is not “Church”, nor Catholicism, although both these institutions have a lot
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I Want To Memories
I was 19 years old when I met my husband. He was not my family member but we were best friends and would
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Spiritual Manhood In America
What is happening in America? So many people are struggling to find work, the same place that they were
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The Power Of Silence And Appreciation (How To Jump Nodes In 3 Easy Steps)
Good Morning from sunny London as another day dawns! This morning I woke up just after David to be quiet.
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Don’t Get Lost In Christianity – 5 Tips To Avoid Confusion In The New Year
With the New Year approaching and all the pieces of your life being unveiled, it’s never too soon
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The 112 Steps To Wellness – 9 Tips To Help You Difference Between Religion And Spirituality
To some, life is simply the process of going to the gym, having a nice meal or cold shower.
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You Can Drink And Still Be Spiritual – 3 Extremely Spiritual Laws
You can drink and still be spiritual. If you don’t know these 3 laws you may think you are not
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The Religion Of Love – “Goal Of All Religion – Non- Investor Meditation, The”
Question: What is the goal of all religion? God. Love. Joy. Peace. Just a simple goal. The next time
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The Redemptive Story Of An Army Without Honor
“Facing ‘Dry-Bone’ Situations” Habitually, I did a devotional with my children
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Heaven After Death
H.M.S. Bloodhounds, also known as “Hounds of God”, were trail dogs used by Genovese prospectors
photo 1559853393 208a6183fba7
What Is God?
If I gathered all the knowledge that I have gained through the study of the Bible, memorized it and placed
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Transcise YourStars Into True Adultery
What can be more enjoyable, more relaxing, more satisfying than listening to old ChopraFace orations?
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Is Fear Sin
One of the steps I’ve taken on my journey to wellness is that I spent most of a year zeroing out my fears.
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Your Expanded Self, Unified Field & Evolving Consciousness
In the shadows of the road you see a car hit an old lady. In the hospital she talks to you and emotionally
Spiritual Discernment