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How To Forgive Yourself – No Matter What You Have Done
We have all done things in our lives we wish we had never done. Some of those things cause us sadness
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My Akashic Records Experience
I was inspired to write an article based on a serendipitous moment. I had been doing research on finding
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Haggai – Give Heart To Your Soul
In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God for you. Haggai 2:12 Lord, you have Mercy upon
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The Will Of God Hears What The Heart And Soul Intakes
Our motives, desires, and intentions are greatly determined by our motives, desires, and intentions.
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The Banishing Of Fear – A Perfect Gift
There have been many occasions in my life where I have been faced with a challenge. Whether the issue
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What Is Life All About?
Life. What is it all about? Are we simply here to grow up, fall in love, get married, have children
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What Do These Disasters Mean For Our World?
The occurrence of a disaster is never unknown to the mankind, even when the loss of life seems to be
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Love Brings Together Everything Improve And Gays Have This Wonderful Ability
Love is more than an emotion, Love is a bond that unites your soul with your maker. Love is the word
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How To Love God With Your Mind
In order to love God with your mind, you need to start by changing your mind. If you let your mind control
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The Divine Woman -Benefits Of Dry Sleep
Despite popular beliefs, women do not lose their periods when they fall into a deep sleep. Rather, they
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What’s On Your Heart?
What is your first love? I am sure you have had an experience where you liked something so much that
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God’s Wisdom Can Be Seen In His Word – And InNature
Show me a fool and I’ll show you a wise man; it’s easy. Can you imagine a tree, a tree that
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How To Watch Your Intuition
You’ve heard it said that intuition is a gut feeling, and that your imagination is your mind’
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How To Regain Your Spirituality In 3 Straightforward Stages
All of us have certain subjects, things, activities, interests, and habits of our day that we do repeatedly.
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The 7 Principles Of Inner Peace
Inner peace is the result of establishing a relationship between your conscious self and your higher self.
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Mystical Help With Illness And Struggles – Out-of-Body Experiences
Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper Red Hat, among other spiritual practitioners, shared with me an out-of-body
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Here I Am (Gulp!), Lord!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I’m sitting here at my computer with a heavy heartbecause
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Ascension, Fates, Universe, And Humans – A Visual Approach
I have discussed many esoteric aspects of the Ascension process in my other articles, so I won’
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The Light House: A Review Of The Book, By Mary Manin Morrissey
One of the most important events in my life, I feel, was when I was asked to write an article about The
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How To Communicate With Your Angels
Many people desire to communicate with their angels for a variety of reasons. Antedit that angels are
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The History Of The Wiccan Almightygod
Working as a modern Saint only after my 30th birthday, I have the unique privilege at this point in my
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Fear Corinthians 1-2: Emphasis On Fear And A Vengeful God
In this message, we look at one of the most serious issues concerning the message of fear, and faith
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My Big Break, Part Two – I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!
My Big Break, Part Two: I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! We are assured and know that [God
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Need The Spirit Of Truth With All Your Heart?
What is truth? The purest form of truth is that which is straight up and honest. Truth is the real state
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As Angel Charities We Are All Part Of God’s Family
We are all part of the Family of God. The Archangels represent the highest lights of God. They are closest
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The Light Of The Eyes As ASuggested Charity
The practice of oincerity is implied here. Many troubled people, though they are good and seemly, are
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Spiritual Questions: How Do You Awaken? How Can I Shed My False Self
How do you awaken? How can I shed my false self? Have you read “The Secret” or “
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How Does The Scientology Purification Rundown Work?
The Purification Rundown is a detoxification program run by the Church of Scientology, and when done
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C Patt Prayer Denmark
Strength In time of great change, change is occurring as a natural result of peoples changing.
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The Revelation Of Our Coming Life And Missions
I see so clearly, and with perfect clarity, what our Father has chosen for this season in the life of
Spiritual Discernment