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It’s Time To Prepare – Any Day Now Your Destiny Will Take You Places
If you are immobile and things are not moving in your life it is because you are not at your place of destiny.
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History Of The World – Where Does This Impress You?
Have you ever been to an ancient site, village, or town and you discovered something amazing and you
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How To Regain Your Spirituality In 3 Straightforward Stages
All of us have certain subjects, things, activities, interests, and habits of our day that we do repeatedly.
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Mystical Help With Illness And Struggles – Out-of-Body Experiences
Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper Red Hat, among other spiritual practitioners, shared with me an out-of-body
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How To Trust God Completely Part 2
In Parts 1 and 2 I described how to trust God completely to carry out your will. I also told you how
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Wake Up – This Is The Day
I had one shoe on, and one bare foot as I went searching for where I could buy a pair of glasses.
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The Power Of Silence And Appreciation (How To Jump Nodes In 3 Easy Steps)
Good Morning from sunny London as another day dawns! This morning I woke up just after David to be quiet.