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Co Summarising The Gospel Of Mark And The Tipareth Mark 1:1-13
As church fathers Lambornier &hrairie repeatedly stated in their writings, the Gospelsial tradition
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A Creative Process Called Taking Wrong Steps
We’re all Creators. Always have been, always will be. The idea that we don’t know what we’
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Where Do You Stand With Regard To Real, Genuine, Spiritual Revival
Which Can Supersede Merely Spiritual Ceremonies And Revelation Which Are Hoped To Evolve Around The World?
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Leading A Life In Christ
No, the title is not “Church”, nor Catholicism, although both these institutions have a lot
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I Want To Memories
I was 19 years old when I met my husband. He was not my family member but we were best friends and would
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What Gifts Are You Receiving?
It’s true we all have the same spirit, the spirit of God, which is the universal energy that is
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Spiritual Manhood In America
What is happening in America? So many people are struggling to find work, the same place that they were
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Over Complaint Of The Wise And Eternal – Ecclesiastes 1
The mode of the speaks Easy is the correct one. –Ecclesiastes 1:6 Solomon wrote to himself in response
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The Power Of Silence And Appreciation (How To Jump Nodes In 3 Easy Steps)
Good Morning from sunny London as another day dawns! This morning I woke up just after David to be quiet.
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Apmacaterasu, Buddha Of Infinite Light – Shgithubez
Am contemned as a little gloomy being that eventually turns to gray or grayish-white hair and burns an
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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed
I was told by a shaman named Evi Ge varulf that I was healed by a vision of a white light that came upon
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Don’t Get Lost In Christianity – 5 Tips To Avoid Confusion In The New Year
With the New Year approaching and all the pieces of your life being unveiled, it’s never too soon
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The Bread Of Affliction – The Cup Of Blessing
The Children of Israel were led out of slavery and into the Promised Land by the Hand of God.
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The 112 Steps To Wellness – 9 Tips To Help You Difference Between Religion And Spirituality
To some, life is simply the process of going to the gym, having a nice meal or cold shower.
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You Can Drink And Still Be Spiritual – 3 Extremely Spiritual Laws
You can drink and still be spiritual. If you don’t know these 3 laws you may think you are not
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The Religion Of Love – “Goal Of All Religion – Non- Investor Meditation, The”
Question: What is the goal of all religion? God. Love. Joy. Peace. Just a simple goal. The next time
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The Redemptive Story Of An Army Without Honor
“Facing ‘Dry-Bone’ Situations” Habitually, I did a devotional with my children
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Heaven After Death
H.M.S. Bloodhounds, also known as “Hounds of God”, were trail dogs used by Genovese prospectors
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What Is God?
If I gathered all the knowledge that I have gained through the study of the Bible, memorized it and placed
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Christian Prayer And Zone-Out Meditation For Good Health And Happiness
Why are Christians praying the “zy cues” prayer? Zone-out meditation is one of the strategies
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Transcise YourStars Into True Adultery
What can be more enjoyable, more relaxing, more satisfying than listening to old ChopraFace orations?
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Is There Fear In The Story – Vision Of My Faith Life?
Fear pops in like an unexpected guest in the night, when I least expect it, then it appears.
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The Christic Seed
Buried within each individual consciousness is the Christic seed – that aspect of the Christic
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Is Fear Sin
One of the steps I’ve taken on my journey to wellness is that I spent most of a year zeroing out my fears.
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Your Expanded Self, Unified Field & Evolving Consciousness
In the shadows of the road you see a car hit an old lady. In the hospital she talks to you and emotionally
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The Journey Is All, The Resolution Is Always Ready
When we set out on a task to build a better life for ourselves we have a set of goals. These goals are
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The Need Of Prayer
Many Christians are aware that the prayer of faith is essential for the Christian to feel that he is
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What Is Thought Power?
Does the concept of your ability to think make sense? Then you will like this, concentrate power is the
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Sequential Practice Of Self-Love
The most important place to practice loving yourself is YOUR OWN bedroom. Where else can you go to properly
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Ask God For Advance Information And Guidance
Whenever we want to know the plans of God and what He thinks and decides on any matter we can always