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You’re Kidding Yourself, Right? – A Secret Not Many Know About

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Dr Brain Morris, the noted psychiatrist and speaker, in his book “You’re Kidding Yourself, How to Think and Grow Spiritually” says this: “Spirituality is not a public relations issue. It is not an issue of public opinion. It is an issue of one’s spiritual life. Your spiritual life is the most powerful spiritual life you will ever know.”

Morris claims that this is true because spirituality is the most private of all the aspects of our lives. We can only share it with those who are as close to us as we are to the animals that we domesticate. Morris says that this is the highest level of spiritual awareness and that separating ourselves from others in this way does not serve us.

I reached out to Dr. Morris for a response to my article and he said he stands by his statement. “You sound like a 21st-century sociology professor that is unwilling to admit the spiritual nature of the adult world.”

In the 21st century, certainly in the U.S., we have a wave of spirituality sweeping the nation. The younger generation is searching for answers to the mystery of our existence and the world of the spirit.

The more sociable among us know at least briefly if not far longer than the average person that we are more than physical beings having a spiritual experience. This is the primary reason why time seems to move more slowly for spiritual folks and why death seems to be theultimate destination for them as well. They make the connection to Spirit much sooner and they do not fear death so much.

The magic of the universe is in the people themselves. No one tells us that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We are in the physical world and even though we know we cannot escape physicality, our spiritual nature makes the experience more imbued with meaning for us here than it would be in the spiritual realm of omniscient, omnipresent, supreme consciousness.

Reincarnation, past lives, karma, fate, and even science seems to have moved humankind past its reliance on those thought processes. The idea of a higher order of being is no longer inadequate to describe the journey of our species through the cosmos.

Even with theenment, many people in the Western world have not been satisfied with the enlightenment as a whole, or even with the state of enlightenment in their own lives. The longing for something more is something that has been going on since the days of the Upanishads when spiritual warriors (Sages) in Hinduism hoped that, by performing a ritual, they could move higher and gain enlightenment.

But, we have not moved far beyond the training that we got in the west. Sure we may have philosophical questions and we may doubt the existence of higher forces but, we don’t have to bet there is a higher order of consciousness to guide our lives, to control our dreams, or even to know who we really are.

The reality is that we are in the physical world and we have to deal with the rules of the physical world. We will never be Gods of the stars any more than we are God or the God of Heaven. Instead we are simply the players in the game of life.

You are a spiritual being who chose to be born into the physical universe. You do not control yourself and you are not here to suffer. You are not here to suffer because you decided to be born into this universe.

There is a reason that you are here. The reason that you are here is not to wonder why but to do something. The reason you are here is because you need to experience life in all of its different perspectives in order to know the one Life that is all of it.

So accept this: You are here to experience physical life in all of its perspectives in order to know the one Life that is all of it.

Every moment in your life you can choose to be who you really are. You can choose to heal your life and life’s priorities through spiritual practices. You can choose to explore practices that expand and awaken your consciousness.

You are not required to transform yourself from one thing into another but are simply here to experience all things physical in all of their different perspectives in order to know the all of them.

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You’re Kidding Yourself, Right? – A Secret Not Many Know About
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