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Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle

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Your Spiritual journey will lead you away from struggle to the reality that struggle is, in fact, optional. Sure, it is possible to encounter unpleasant situations and people. But the triumphant ones that you will go through will be much easier than you can imagine.

Your higher consciousness will act as your guide. Your intuition will be paramount in you taking control of your life and affairs. You will no longer feel stress or anxiety. Instead, life will be joyful and very peaceful. You will connect with your spiritual being. And you will feel him or her controlling your life, prodding you to make choices that are in the best interest of your life and destiny.

Your spirit will act as your guide. But you will still need to know where your power comes from and how to develop it further. Once you reach a crisis where you need to make a decision, your spiritual guide can either tell you that you’re making the wrong choice, or that there is something greater than you can do. Maybe he or she will even come to realize that you can transcend your situation and find your way to your joy.

You will be in control of your life. It will be a little bit like the chain Progress wheel. But instead of turning slowly, this wheel will turn forwards and you will advance through life with pace, an even greater pace that you could never have imagined. Whatever your life is going through may seem huge to you at the moment, but you will transcend it with ease, grace and become more open to the possibilities than you previously imagined.

Thanks to the internet and our enormous information base at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to go onto almost any internet enabled devices to gather the information that we want. Searching for the answers to our prayers becomes as easy as searching for the answers to the questions on the back of one of those petitions that are being handed out at your local church.

Two of my favorite resources are the Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles. I use them almost every day. But I was finding that I was asking the wrong questions and getting sub-par answers.

I decided to go deeper into the Law of Attraction. I purchased the E-Course based on the contents of the cancelled one, The Secret. I soaked up all the information. I was inspired to write my first Ezine article based onererals. All of a sudden inspiration came in as I quoted a passage fromA Course in Miracles.

I decided to look into the Course. I started reading it almost immediately. After just a few pages, I was struck by how deep this spiritual interpretation of the Bible really is. I knew that the information and guidance I was receiving in those articles had come directly from the Course. It was all there waiting for me to tap into.

But there was more. When I initially opened the Course, all I received was seven simple lessons. Three were quotations, one was about summer, and one was advice for quiet time. Nothing concrete, just good advice. When I read the Course more, I discovered the Course contained a whole different message, one I hadn’t realized was in there. This important information is contained in the bookWe Are All Gods Before Jesus Christ.

Here are some excerpts from the book where Jesus explains that we are all Gods and consciously choose our own identities. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? That the same power that God has, is ours too. No wonder the world has been so confused and ignorant.

Throughout our childhood, we are subjected to the choices of other children in our same age group. These children will usually make the easy choices, whereas the choice of Jesus is more difficult because he asks us to do things that we normally would not do. Such as love our parents or god. Although we are aware that we are doing this, most of us still have a hard time going right after our choices of who we will listen to instead of listening to our parents. Or even worse, we listen to the wrong children.

Our ego is very much like that toy you bought, thinking it is this thing that makes me different than all the other toys or maybe a brand new bicycle. Only you know it not only plays music, but it also plays history. If you were to break the plastic case and reveal its true history, you would see thousands ofPART enumerated in red letters. A part that played a role in starting wars and is the reason for so many crimes committed by humanity.

Our Parents – From Birth to Five

Our parents are the first influences that are seen in the world. They are the ones who matter most to us emotionally as they develop our egos and teach us who we are.

Our parents also play a significant role in our health. If they are treated unfairly, or are beaten and abused, we will as easily loose our health in return.

Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle
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