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Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle

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Your Spiritual journey will lead you away from struggle to the reality that Spirit does not create struggle, and that all misery stems from a perceived sin of the Divine. Instead of focusing on the evils of the world, your only response is to focus on the goodness being spread throughout the world. In order to do this, you must begin with the Divine.

By learning and living from the perfect and purest of God’s love, and the absolute goodness of Spirit, humanity is living in a world of suffering and misery only imaginable in the lives of those who don’t believe in the actions of Spirit or the actions of the Divine. The evil acts that humanity commits only leads the world into chaos, not to the explosion of the kind of destruction usually associated with natural disasters. The greater our evil actions become, and the more we view those actions from the perspective of Spirit, the greater will be our comprehension of the unlimited kind of love, and the less need we have to struggle to survive daily.

You have a piece of God in you- remember, it is the Infinite, pure, and infinite. Filling yourself with the Infinite, by expanding your conscious awareness of the spiritual world, will lead you back to a more mediation-like state, which will allow you to live in a much more fulfilling way. You will be able to experience the goodness and beauty of the world the same way that Angel accompanies you on your journeys. They will show you the answers to your questions, and help point you in the direction that you need to see and then take.

Walking with the Divine leads to fulfilling your purpose in life- it will allow you to minister to others more fully, and become a minister yourself. It will allow you to live from a state of wonder, and create something out of the pieces of God’s/Wonder’s world, rather than struggle against it and then bump up against it again. The more you can experience the infinite goodness of the universe, and be a part of it, the more you can begin to see the Infinite in everything. You will find that your life will take on a kind of eternity, because you will be tapping into the Infinite, and so will others around you. Your perception of how you and the world fit into the Universe will change, and stay changing as you remain open to Universal Truths and follow your passions.

We live in a world filled with pain and suffering. Until humans can find the good in this world, we will always be the most dangerous and negative elements of nature. However, the Infinite kindness of nature can be sensed and felt, however; that degree of negativity can be balanced by the beauty and magnificence of nature. When humans can find an infinite harmony between themselves and nature, when we can all see that nature is there for our benefit, then the positive effects of nature will begin to reap a more positive harvest. It will become more vivid and real, and those who are close to nature will begin to realize their particular portion of infinite nature. Their need will be less of just dwelling on the bleaker aspects of nature, and they will act more lovingly, and with responsibility to their own needs, to towns and countries.

The good that can be found is greater than anything that can be found with the senses or intellect, however, reason and logic are very helpful, however they are only an enumeration of what is greater than that. You must touch something in your flesh to perceive the greater good. Every time that you struggle with any part of nature that you considerherently- good or bad- you interfere, you close the door to the greater good, and you stagnate. St stagnant water causes the entire body of water to become less abundant, and less powerful. The bleaker aspects of nature can be changed to greater good with the power of the Universal Mind.

Swim the stream of life,that stream that flows with no current in itwith the fishes of that streamthat lives and dies with each generation.That stream thatfills the insetshalvespelled with the fishyou eat,that fills your tummy with fish.That stream that gives yousalvation,resurrection,healingpower.

That stream ,that floweth with soothing reproof,that declareth the very essence of my heart,that addeth pearls of wisdom to earthen vessels.That stream taketh away dross, that reneweth from clay untill jade.That stream is free from every inhabitation,that no wildlife sanctimoniously occupyth it.That stream is without cultivator,that no weeds arise from it.That stream is withoutpper,that no leaves of every tree on it.That stream is in the remotest place,that it remoteth in the atmosphere of the place in which it tuneth.

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Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle
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