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Your Faith Has Taught You These Simple But Infinite Things

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Your faith has taught you these simple but infinite things. You can never saving face with situations that are hopeless. Your faith has led you to the right decision in life and helped you bring it to pass. Your faith has been the factor which has helped you overcome all your obstacles. You wouldn’t have been able to attend to what was in your heart even a year ago.

People tend to think that once you have experienced a problem or have fallen into an issue which you have wanted to get out of for a long time, it is athing to be released and that niggles away. Unfortunately that nagging feeling that comes with an issue or a bad situation iscalled stress.

However, the truth is that the incidents that make up your problems are opportunities for you to grow. Yes, they are chances to see the big picture but they are also moments in which you can learn a lot about yourself. These lessons can come from the past or from other imperfect situations you may be experiencing now. These situations are tests which you are being asked to pass or overcome.

Philippians 4:8Therefore, my beloved brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.

The bible says that you should meditate on the things of the Lord. This means that you need to Habakkuk 2:2 advice: write down the things you see as you study to do. It does not mean that you should perfectionise them and send them off to the internet, it is only a plan to keep good notes because you plan to use them revisit and meditate on them. Thoughts are things.

One model commonly used is to collect quotes, basic ideas and especially how you can bless yourself and others everyday by writing them down, stressing one word from each quote and meditating on them.

To get something out you usually need to sacrifice something. With the internet and the fast pace of life today, most people have plenty of time to sacrifice and although it is quite true that now is the time to sacrifice it may be too little in term of results, but nevertheless it is so you can build up something useful for yourself or those around you. It is not worth the thought that the internet is going to give you something valuable for free, although it is what everyone wants these days.

A quote or a solve to a problem?Everything can be put up for sale. There are certain things that God has placed on this earth which can only be accessed via the internet and if you are unable to prove or appreciate them then it may be best to pass them on to another party who can appreciate them. For example, the ever sunny predicament of Hawaii which attracts so many visitors. Many people get it as a holiday, but few things on earth can match it. So if you are able to Sacrifice this and Goddess can find a worthy replacement, it can be done.

accumulating more things can also be a good thing if you have managed to save enough for your basic needs and wants, and these include your dream house, car, and so on. Conditional Sacrifice is when you can’t find something you want, so you start looking for it everywhere only to realize that your wife (Or husband) or your friend (Or enemy) has it. When things change, you have now built up quite a collection of physical possessions, and if you have now started to collect everything else ofuine value, it is time to Re- unfold your dream home. But the question is this: is what you have now beginning to collect too much i.e. too many things which you don’t even use, or valuable for the long term. Yes, it is true, there is no place to put all your earthly possessions. Everything has a purpose and a reason for being there. The real question is, are your genuine possessions just laying around, unused and despised. Taking an honest look inside will help you to figure it out.

Propose to God something like this;

“Lord you have entrusted me with this earthly possession of my body. It will be my responsibility to look after it, in according to your will, for the peace which you discovered in your Word and in the knowledge of Jesus, actually bring me the blessed hope of yours for my own salvation. I know now that this will be pleasing to you, my Lord. I will start to value this earthly possession in my life, in the same way that I do your Word and the peace that you granted me. May it be a means of pleasing you ahead of time.”

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Your Faith Has Taught You These Simple But Infinite Things
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