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Your Expanded Self, Unified Field & Evolving Consciousness

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In the shadows of the road you see a car hit an old lady. In the hospital she talks to you and emotionally you feel very uncomfortable. Later you realize that an aspect of her past lives is affecting her now, and you are being told to communicate with her. You gently tell the car driver that his loved ones will benefit from the assistance you are receiving and she asks you for your help.

You touch her and tell her that the aspect in question has been cleansing her body, and taking responsibility for her thoughts and emotions, to become the purified version of who she is on the core level. You gently talk to the lady and explain that through the act of cleansing she will feel a sense of love for herself and others. She will experience an expanded self and expansive feelings. All of her cells will benefit from this assistance.

Now you revisit the road and see that a truck has hit another vehicle. Everyone who was involved including you at this point appears to be in shock expressions. You realize that the old lady is applying pressure to the truck, some are tears and others appear stressed and angry. You realize that the other driver’s cell phone rings. As you approach to the phone he answers and says that his daughter was hit by a driver who was distracted by his cell phone. His daughter dropped the cell phone and it fell to the ground. You feel sad for the daughter and anxiety for the father. You take the phone from him and talk with his daughter. You feel that it is very unlikely that her daughter would have taken the phone and used it to harm others. You feel sad for the father and worry for his future.

You continue to walk down the road, your companion gives you a cup of coffee. You realize that your friend is meditating now, focusing on a particular aspect of his life and it is affecting you now. You smile at him and thank him. Your thoughts are taking form now and a number of ideas, coupled with emotions pass through your consciousness. You decide to take it upon yourself to help your friend, by offering your energy to assist him in his meditation.

You enter the main building and are greeted by a very burly man dressed as a monk. Take a seat and wait in line. While you wait some more thoughts trickle through your mind. You realize you are nervous and disturbed. You feel some anxiety rising and wonder if your friend knows what is going on. The man puts his hands behind his head and smiles. He looks up and notices you standing there, smiling, so he instructs, “Just relax friend. Tell your friend in the far distance that you are a part of the meditation and it will be helpful to you. Also, smile and enjoy the music and images around you. Your friend will soon fall asleep.”

You find yourself on a large congregated street where several people are gathered. The man who was guiding you earlier is now in front of you, and you see others standing in line. When you approach him, he kindly asks, “May I ask a question?”

“Sure,” you reply.

“I am sensing a great sorrow in your heart,” he says to you. “I would like to know what it is.”

“I know nothing,” you reply.

“I would like to know the impact of that sadness. Can you tell me your feelings?”

“I don’t feel anything,” you say.

“I am sensing that you feel disempowered from the inside out,” he says to you. “I would like to know why.”

“I can’t tell you because I don’t feel anything,” you repeat.

The enlightenment experience has its downside, however, and no one could deny that enlightenment came with its benefits. Now you begin to explore that statement and wonder if there is a contradiction here. Does the old you delightfully delight to rid itself of its perceived undesirable traits? And, are you not just as happy or more comfortable in your discomfort, much to the consternation of others?

The Buddha discovered that the old self was holier and more desirable than the new or enlightened self. And as you begin to explore your inner world and cast it upon the mercy of God, a new thing begins to take shape. You don’t embrace the new, but quietly depart it to go to your place of rest. And while you contemplate the change, and maybe even celebrate it, make sure not to go out and manifest it upon the world. Don’t go around telling everyone that the phonies have gone home.

Buddhism is the practice of acceptance; embracing the bad with the hope that the next moment will be better. The imagines the person who is incapable of dramatic alterations, but at the same time knows it and is happy for the intriguing phonies who strut their stuff in the dead of night.

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Your Expanded Self, Unified Field & Evolving Consciousness
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