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You Have The Fullness Of God Within You, Christian!

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During the last supper, the betrayed Judas Iscariot asked, “Lord, are you willing to give me the key of Solomon?” (John 13:17).

You have the fullness of God! If you understand what the Bible means by “fullness”, then you are empowered to possess the key of healing, deliverance and prosperity.

The Greek word translated “full” (pared) in John 14:2 is the word “phosis” or “netos” in the original Greek. The New International Version translates the word Phosis as “fortune” (John 16:14). This implies that we are to possess wealth and enjoy good fortune.

In Luke 12:15, Jesus asked, “In what way can I tell it to you, with witness of who it is that says to me, ‘Lord, I will give you the city of our God, for your land is going to be made rich, working land that will yield seed for sowing and increase for years!'”

At this point, God was touching the skin Vitalus, the water that flowed out of Genesis 1:26. The earth was not yet created but still in the process of becoming. So, creation was still in progress. As Jesus pointed out, seed is still sown on barren soil, just as it was in the beginning of time. But the soil has been made fertile: you have your share of the fruit of the vine (Galatians 6:7). And this is a great blessing! Even though Genesis 1:26 occurs in the midst of seven or so Messianic verses, there is still much work ahead.

Bread from the oven is a symbol of renewed life. In 1 Samuel 17, the Prophet Samuel besieged the city of Gath and cut off its military supply. The people blamed Samuel for his losses but the LORD said, “There is not a sound in Gath when a man speaks of my servant Samuel.”

Many scholars suggest that the bread and wine reference in John 14:8 refers to the Messianic 700-year reign of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who was fulfilled in the second coming of Christ. Imagine the enrolled-of-sorts crowds thronging the streets with bread and wine after the rituals and religious programming. We especially remember the wine, remember the tallit, the tallit rent again for the season of the rain. What we forget is that the meals were provided by agricultural communities and not by the Messianic Jews. They had the abundance of provisions necessary for their sustenance and their long pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

This is a agricultural society, a people cultivating their fields for sale and living there, producing goods for sale. As a people, they were not eager for a great military victory over Israelites; instead they were anxious to worship the LORD their God, and to return the following day to the place of worship. The LORD revealed to Samuel that the people would be fed by laborers, not warriors.

In this scene of bread and wine, a golden cup containing the anointed water from Mount Sinai was passed from the High Priest to the people. This ceremony was likened to the ritual that accompanied the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt into the old Sodom (Exodus 12:15-22), a symbolic “return” to their original home (based on the number “twof” containing the letters of the Hebrew letter “ve”…ve). This ceremony was an eagerly awaited event. It united the Levites who wished to return to their camp of worship. It also united the agricultural community who had been alienated by the encroaching darkness of the surrounding mountains. The story is told that some 12,000 omnaths, not yet born again, gazed upon the rainbow banking and sunrise over the sea in the distant anticipation of the Lord’s beginning of a permanent covenant with His people.

The last miracle that God performed in the wilderness was the sampling of wine from the River of God and the consequences of tax collectors receiving the same. The Levites who were being persecuted returned to worship in the wilderness (Exodus 15:26). God’s purpose was being fulfilled in the midst of the tax collectors and the prolonging of their suffering.

How wonderful the God of the wilderness, if He is the same yesterday, today and forever! The same tonight that the children of Israel quest the Sanctuary, He will receive them at His Table of Life (Zechariah 12:8). I have witnessed this wonderful experience over and over in the courts of Christian churches. So many who were present at the Table of Life were healed of their diseases for a brief period. These days, I frequent the vast congregation of Christian churches. At some point, I begin to overlook the poor, tired and weary faces covered by the religious vesture. A singing, joyous choir;

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You Have The Fullness Of God Within You, Christian!
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