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You Can Drink And Still Be Spiritual – 3 Extremely Spiritual Laws


You can drink and still be spiritual. If you don’t know these 3 laws you may think you are not fully drinking to your full capacity. If you do not practice these laws you may get seriously sick.

Drink to the point of physical exhaustion.

The human body is built for endurance. But unfortunately, there will also come times when it just can’t cope. It doesn’t unlike physical exhaustion – you feel tiredness and weakness. But there is a difference. The only way you can drink fully is when you attendance a ceremony. And that is not all.

Even if you do not attend a ceremony you can still usefully drink. But again it is essential that you don’t over do it.

Drink socially, in order to get the recommended 1 month supply.

Everybody’s different there are individual variations. But one of the recommended basics is to drink socially 1/2 a glasses a day. (That’s the minimum). If you do not know how to code you could get by with a 1/4 or 1/2 glass all the time just don’t overdo it.

It is your outlook on life that makes most of the difference here. If you always looked at things from a God (or spiritual) point of view you would no doubt achieve perfect balance in life and be a happier person – just like Jesus. But, since you do not know what God is you entertain the presence of a multitude of negative energies and you get tired very quickly.

Remember you are human and there are things that people do that you do not understand – when you are in a continually negative mode you feel stressed and tired. You get tired from constantly looking at the reasons for your frustrations. And that brings you to anger.

Consider it another way – God created you in his image. And he loves you – he really does. The reason that you feel tired and tired is because you are using part of your soul – your mind – to stress yourself up. You are thinking negative thoughts that take up a lot of your attention in your head. And you get tired from only being a victim in this scenario.

Consider it another way – society is based on relationships. Although there are major problems with our economy and society it is important to be a part of a community and social network. For example, consider how you would feel if you had an addiction problem, or were in the midst of a divorce.

Consider it another way – when you feel consistently tired, angry, miserable,wash your face every day, don’t you feel it is a sign that you need a heavy dose of spiritual reality to work your way through it and into a happier future?

Consider it another way – how would you feel if you never got tired, and were always happy, overwhelmed by the joy of life? It is possible, but with the current distractions you face, it is not so easy. Wouldn’t it be great to feel consistently happy, filled with joy and vitality, as easily as you can when everything is going well in your life?

Use wisdom to find out what your current limitations are, so that you can begin to deal with them.

For example, when you think that you are not able to handle a certain person coming into your life, what is your attitude and frame of mind? Do you feel: (a) impatient and more annoyed than happy?(b) resentful and hating the other person?(c) want someone else to love and appreciate you as you do them?(d) want to outshine them so you can get on top?(e) would you feel it is an unconscionable act to push someone away because of a negative attitude or feeling?(f) would you feel cheating on a relationship(g) would you feel it is an unconscionable act to have a secret life(h) would you feel it is an unconscionable to disappear without saying goodbye?

You get the idea. The point is to become aware of when you are buying unnecessary drama to protect your important ego. Also, set an intention to work on clearing your own mind of all the baggage you carry around. You are really letting go of everything you have been buying into for a long time.

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You Can Drink And Still Be Spiritual – 3 Extremely Spiritual Laws
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