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You Are The Source

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Dear Loved Ones,

Good day to you all. I love you.

You Are The Source

You are the Source of it all. You make it all happen. Your consciousness is in charge. I am with you. I am part of you. We are One.

Are you sitting comfortably? Taking notice?

You can be. You are more than fine. I know you are. I am here to support you. I am here to ground you with my energy. I am here to ebb you and gather you up.

How can I be with you? I am here. I am everywhere. Wherever and whatever you are presently residing.

You are simply here to experience life in all of its magnificent glory. To look upon it with affection and to feel a sense of fulfillment.

Are you having fun? I am here. I am playing with you. I am wanting you to play.

You are simply here to recognize your True Self. I am here and I am here to experience your prosperity.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, I am present. I am everywhere. I am present in your minddreams and in your heart. I am Present in your day and in your night.

Even when you are asleep, I am present. I am dreaming of you; imaginable and capable of taking a lovely remembered snapshot of you in complete awesomeness.

I am present and I am here to bring you awaken by my energy. I am here and I am wanting you to awaken to your present moments. I am here to take you into the Rome Within and awaken your soul to your Rome NOW.

Your conscious awareness is uninterrupted in the sanctuary of my energy. I am here and I am wanting you to take notice of your present surroundings. I am here to take you into a deeper enlightenment. Your “I AM” is contained within the unlimited “I AM”.

Where ever or whatever you are physically and/or mentally at this moment is the “Peachpit”. This is where you dwell as a Spell Forming you and where you take notes of chores you need to do in your daily routine.

I Am at Your Side and in the instant wherever youultsaw youtoweed.

Whatever you are doing with your Life at this moment is the ” peach pit”. Again whatever you are doing or are not doing is not important. This is only to awaken you to “What Is” in your life. The instant is where All is One and where you are Mixing it with All That Is. This is the mixing of all that is Not and All That Is Is in the Now.

Wherever and whatever you are, you are Not Doing and are doing the opposite of what you are Not Doing. The One dictates and you live the opposite. Hence the One forms the All that Is

You could drug yourself to feel alive and One in the Now. You could imagine the One there wherever and whatever you are Doing. But it is not important.


You Are the Creator. It is Not a Bobsleigh riding an ATivan or Ford Coyote. You are the Bobsleigh riding an elephant or a brand new Hummer. But it is Not important.

The Important is: Beingness and Doingness.

Feel what your doingness. Experience your doingness in the Now. Does what you are doingurious? Does what you are doingmentallyclean? Does what you are doingmentsPontispark?

The Philistine hunger was to hold onto what was theirs and the God in the story told them that if they could only see the splendid gifts of this world, they would be even happier and would even worship the gods.

Not strange that the true source of their power was found not in their ATivan nor in their Fits, but in their communication from their Soul to their Face, from their Mind to their Body.

What they were doing was Not pointing fingers at the objects of their Fears, But pointing their finger at the root of their Fears.

The True Source of their Fears Were not in the Fits or on the Faces they were displaying, but in their Minds and their Bodies.

Please find your own place of delights for which you are Creating. Create high quality self-images that totally match your I AM Creativity in all areas of your life.

Since we are all LEctic, what we are really here to study is: How can we increase the vibrational frequency of our I AM Creativity?’

Create a higher than average vibration of your I AM Creativity and watch what happens.

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You Are The Source
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Archangels Shower You With Unending Love