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You Are Not Alone

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It’s important to remember that you are not alone in experiencing what you believe. There are a number of spirits that are all around you, as well as those who have crossed who still have yet to cross. For the ones who are worried, even though you can’t hear them or see them, they are with you. For the ones who are happy, you can feel them as well. And for the ones who are depressed, you can see the reasons for it. However, they are still behind us, but not too far.

The saying is true, “We are all in this together, either we are members of a religion and are oblivious to it, or we are all in it but don’t even think about it.” Too many people belong to churches or temples and do not even attend church in their spare time. When they do, it is for the sole purpose of getting more money by the door. The thought is always there that there is a better way. Too many people are actually in the churches for the wrong reasons. And too many ministers are blindly doing the duty without the proper training. If a person is in the church merely for the money, what is the point?

Easier said than done. The people who go to church are mostly unaware of the true message of the Gospel. The church is composed of a select core that represents the true core of the community. The core is never changed except for the change of the attire.

Members of the church then go about their daily lives thinking that they are doing the right thing. But the untruth continues to be told to them. The paths of the hearts are deceitful,changing weekly. The signs and wonders are not to be celebrated. The weekly sacrifice is made to an idol.

The untruths in our world are rampant and in everyone’s life. The Sunday sermon is one of the greatest efforts of brainwashing. There is a true essence of the message, but theFreemasons, Al adjustments and various otherfrontier-statedivisions are ever-changingfills, depending on the needs of the people.

If we look at the signs and wonders, to them we must become aware. But who is it that is aware of it? For the most part, humans are unaware of their own thoughts. Angels are aware of what is going on in the moment, but humans are unaware of this celestial awareness. It is only the truly Indigo teachers who are aware of the thoughts of their students, and the students are the indigo-makers.

Many of the teachers are afraid of their power. The indigo uses their power only for good. No matter what the person or the situation, they can always be guided.

Only when the indigo graduates to the next level in their lessons and teachings, will we be able say that the systems of teaching are untrustworthy. Then we will be able to say that the teaching methods are not beneficial to the public. Then we can intelligently choose which teachings to rely on.

In truth, there is not much difference between a teacher and a scientist. They are both using their knowledge to make more intelligent decisions. In using their powers of thought to perform, they are both enlightened.

Yet, we all can become teachers. One of the great spiritual teachers of all times is Lao Tzu. There are many of his yellow works which can benefit the modern man. They are called the Tao Te Ching, or the offspring of heaven and earth. It is most apparent when we learn that the same Yellow Emperor is the motivational genius, that has taught us the ways of integrating the mind, body and spirit. Some of his concepts are:

The Tao tells us that the inborn desire in the human heart to come again is not illusory. The mist can cloud the clear vision, but the clear the clouded vision, the image can be seen. The Karma or the stream of thoughts on our part that are carried along with us, are fixed by ancient laws, and it is these laws that have been effective in our world, and in this world alone, that are responsible for the evolution of this human race.. These “ramids” of fixed evolvement are what the new science will bring to our world.

The indigo passing to the next stage in the evolution of man is Man’s Meditations progress. The body dies but the soul, the divine spark of the once pure, thought and reason survives. This stage is called the Alchemists regression. In the days of Alchemy, there were grand stage inventors who left their mark in history. Invanish Dehang and Ramayana are two great Indus Valley jewels of knowledge and imagination. One is known as the Mother, the other as the Child.

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You Are Not Alone
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