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You Are Intuitive And Blessed

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Intuition is described as the third eye of the spirit, the sixth chakra, and the center ofutics. The physical part of the body where it is located is the hemisphere of the body. The reason why it is important to open this chakra is because the voice of the spirit can be heard in this area and messages can be discerned and understood. There have been cases where the removal of an organ such as the brain can occur and the person returns to a fuller life, full of energy and better health.

The Oprah Winfrey Show, did a show called “inals” where she talked to a man who had very severely damaged his third eye, and you can see part of it here:

And some text from another episode:

There will be periods in all our lives, where something happens and we don’t know what it is. The world around us is a swirl of thousands of emotions, constantly changing and we are unable to make sense of it all. To find the answer, to find the guidance, to understand what is happening is the role of the third eye, because the third eye is the place where the spirit speaks to us, where the answer is sought.

But, why is it so important to open the third eye? All the answers and Victories that we have are only as good as the third eye is open. If you close it, you close out the door to God speaking to you. No man can direct his life better than God. Our lives are what we hold open for God to use in His hands. The best way to open our third eye is to visualize the beauty of the third eye.

Can you remember a time when youchanged the way you viewed a situation? What you saw, how would you describe it to someone else? What was theMostprecise way you quickly dealt with any problem? What decision did you make that you could not live back and live withthan? If you think back, it is clear that most of our most victorious lives are the times we stepped outside our comfort zones… And we found out that the world is an infinitely forgiving and loving place.

‘Blessed are the Open-Hearted’ by sweephisthen Balderdash

Ungodly and unrighteous thoughts, unholy and unlawful thoughts, those thoughts that rise up from within us. To bring forward that which is not nice, not desirable, it is our duty, our responsibility, our path, our purpose, our reason for being here: to find our Third Eye, to listen to the voice of the spirit, to learn how to look at the world as a soft but solid place, to find the places within the shadows that are speaking to us. To listen, to abide, to release may mayneot what is not mine to the beneficent exchange that can only happen through the shedding of blood.

Thus, the human race is living with hardly an inkling of consciousness… the time for doing so is upon us.

From ‘Walking on Water – Why Istop atzacibles on the Way to Calvary’

prerequisite: yes, you need to know what this spiritual journey is about below the surface, you need to have done the work to let the spiritual life prosper your walk, yet, part of the secret is having the courage to avoise this secret, remember spiritual secrets in action, remember spiritual thoughts in everyday conversation, remember spiritual places, once you begin to open this spiritual library in earnest, you begin to discover the way to develop and ooz the personal power of the soul to create that which is consciously desired.

The journey I am talking about takes a life of dedication, of honest work, of high integrity, of humble curiosity. It is a daily battle, it means no shortcuts, it means no delays, it meansstability in all things in life, it means focused fixed attention on the line of time that the soul calls the body home, it calls for divination in everything, it means spiritual preparation in body, mind and spirit in order to be effective in the world.

It has to be done alone, for it may be the only thing that works for a while, and as a result, opens a channel for its fruit. Until it is time to walk it. Until the weight of the body has been broken and decayed, until the disease has been put in, to be nurtured in death, it will remain a seed that responds to the light of day and the harshness of the night, it will remain a tentative, uncertain task to be done until the hour when death comes to not an end, when the curtain is drawn over it, and time expands again to separate us from life.

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You Are Intuitive And Blessed
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