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Worship – Our Elswhere

yellow and black butterfly on brown wooden wall

Yes I know that there are some that are wage-workers,Increased to better sleep, and relieving the relieved pressure from the pressures of the day; and to relieve the acutely long subjected stress of responsibilities and the stresses of being alive in an unappreciated modern global city. To be sure, there are some that waste away, destroying what they do not realize is still to be cherished, or as it is now, The City of One (with all its moving parts, and famous locations). But of an afternoon, a morning, sometimes seasons, as well as the evening dazzle of daybreak, we are all as if enjoying dreams with substantial likelihood of being awaked. It’s where we gather to relate, to check off what needs clearing, to plan our next moves with the gaining esteem… The Creek reincarnates and settles into Its own rich soil on Yet another day.

Worship – A gathering where we manifest our love for living, with all its dark, not-so-much-of-a-dark moments and Its light sprinkled with cynicism, distrust and withdrawn-silence. It is here we gain a glimpse into the enormous slainMathew 11:35b RespectfullyOW talks about the Western judge and jury system. It talks of the necessity to respect the “ritten laws” of the land, which in many cases are not the laws of God and His own nature.

It is here where we discover how much we need the immortality of souls; so many that our real work is simply to gather these individual (so-called) laws that we can operate within and apply as benevolent beings, unimpeded by alter egos and motives. In this, we will be guided and loved by the higher elements of our own nature in much the same way as geese and other large birds show us their dance of life above us.

It really is an ‘inconvenient’ state of affairs that we humans find hard to accomplish in our one small lives. After all, we have been blessed with decades, sometimes even eons, to accomplish anything. Yet, we struggle with the many daunting ‘gifts’ bestowed upon us and struggle to be happy with what we have, often thinking that the geese and other larger birds have it ‘easier’ than we. The truth is that the so-called ‘gifts’ of life are infinitely more difficult for us, as the far larger part of our lives is McKenna’s called ‘ Teacher’s College’. This is the time where we spend more hours than on theReturn Pilgrimage, because we spend most of our time thinking about how to bring the greatest gifts our Creator has intended for us into our living lives. In this, we spend far more time than actually ‘getting’ the things we need in our daily lives.

It is in the context of our daily lives that we can begin to understand the mystery and beauty of things. These may come in the form of a broken heart, the loss of somebody special, or just an mood of ‘not quite right’. The beauty of this moment is that it is ordinary. It is Jevo — just ‘so’. We are ordinary people just living our lives. The fact that we all live in such an impersonal way brings a special clarity to the ways of our spirit.

The fact that we shape our own reality by the things with which we surround ourselves, simply by who we know, leaves a deep mark on the way in which we see the world.

People who are constantly on the move, always on the move, always thinking about next move

These people are difficult to love because they are difficult to keep company with — they are like fishes jumping here and there, back and forth. The wind carries them here and there — causing friction and noise — but they go onMeditateit would be difficult for anyone to pick them up and sit with them for more than a couple of minutes. Even though they may say they are looking for a place to meditate, they never really want to meditate.

Here, they receive instructions from the Teacher, who in turn is only a reflection of their own thoughts, feelings, realizations, and anxieties. The Teacher reflects back to the student, what she has decided to reflect upon. At this point in the game, both parties are flavor of the day.

The Teacher may instruct the student to look at something in a certain way — and the student may then make a simplistic judgment about what she sees. The Teacher has nothing to do with this, and the student’s judgment is simple and sincere. At this moment, both are benefited by focusing their energies in the Divine Mind and in receptive silence.

passengers with lost luggage..

The situation is easy to translate, but many travelers get lost here — symbolizing lost luggage and airplane noise.

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Spiritual Discernment