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Worried About Your Vows To God? Don’t Be!

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We have all vowed. We have all said out loud that we are willing to live our lives in Gods’ grace for the rest of our lives. We have made our vows and we have our hearts set on God to do the very best for us, in spite of ourselves. How sad it is to realize that just one day, we actually do not remember our vows and our hearts get crushed. We even go on to forget about them.

Anger!Ow! It is a fact that some individuals just can’t take the truth. They always smell a little bitter after being potsually united with God. None of us are untouchable. This is why it is so important to keep our memories intact by merely repeating what the great institution has done for us. The greatest trick of the Enemy, yet his greatest weakness, is to get us to forget our God and focus entirely on him. Let’s face it, Satan has already defeated most of us. Many of us have suffered some degree of loss due to the downturn of our society. Some have actually lost our jobs because of the recession and others have indeed lost everything that they had. Regardless, as Christians, we have been tested and squeezed and spied and persecuted for our profession of faith. Why? Because we believe in the one and only true God of the universe. Someone whom we have lived and breathed with for most of our lives. When someone dies, we are not moved. When someone goes in a car accident, we rush to the scene and mostly forget about the accident even though we were there. God has taught this to us by having Jesus die, three times, on our behalf. He did this so we could be cleansed of our sins. Now, even though we live in a messed up world, we continue to hope for the better day.

When trouble comes, like a thief in the night, we are quick to hide, stay in bed and hold our breath until we regain the breath we use to live. Then, forgetting to revivalize our faith, we go on with life as normally as we did before. But, like the Pharisee, we forget to do the right thing. At this time, God begins to drive the Pharisee out of the temple. The Pharisee was only able to stand hypocrisy before the Lord. How much harder is it to live a righteous life in a world where God is basically ignoring it? The God of this world says Read your Bibles and learn. The Lord of this world says Walk in obedience and glorify Him in everything. Which will win?

But anyway, we aren’t the only ones struggling. Thelistof most Biblesfor sale on includes a great variety of Bibles for sale by a variety of Christian writers. Some of these Bibles would cost hundreds of dollars or many times that. Are we making a bargain with God? Or is this Bible study something we should do because… well because God demands we do it. It is something we should do. We feel compelled to because there is no other book that we can put that on the shelf and pick up whenever we want to use it. There is not any other book where death comes so close to you as it does to the Lord. This Bible is the most beautiful and heartfelt message of faith that you will ever find. In it, God is speaking directly to you and to means that He wants us to cling to it like this or be separated from Him. The time will come to stand before Him and be judged for every word that we have said, every person that we have left unrepentant in His presence and every idol we have worshiped. He holds them in account every time they fall into sin and turn away from Him.

The reason we need this is because the bag of tricks that the Devil packed hisdevil was not paralyzed. Even though he is the Master of Lies, he is still no match for the Creator of the universe who has the Words of power to destroy the enemy that looks over the man that has the book. The story of Job in the Old Testament is a marvelous example of the power of God and the bravery of man to stand before the Almighty and ask for the assistance and protection of the God of this world.

We all call on our Lord in times of trouble. We reach out to Him when we are in pain and tragedy. We hold our hand in faith believing that He will lead the troubled times away from us. Even when our world is chaos, we have faith that in His mighty name, the Sovereign Lord will emerge and see His words to perform His will and to separate the God of this world from Himself.

Even when no one we knows seems to care, we still have faith that God cares.

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Worried About Your Vows To God? Don’t Be!
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