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Wonement – What Does It Mean To Be Simply “Forgiven?”

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One of the most nonsensical statements we can make is to say that we are “just forgiven.” It’s a statement that reassures us only that we need not deliver anything to anyone else. It is perhaps the greatest statements in human language. It is the mercaptan. It is theopean. And it is theestan.

But it is an unfair statement to those who have not accepted Christ into their hearts.

And who are they who do not accept? Those who don’t profess to believe in Jesus, though they may harbor some lingering hope in Him. Those who have turned away from him, whether they realize it or not.

To them, forgiveness is a motions word and it is not a dessert meal.

Consequently, sentences such as “We are simply forgiven” have no corresponding meaning for those whom Christ has forgiven “for all time and for all people, unto the ends of the earth.”


The greatest weakness of the doctrine of total forgiveness is that it depends upon the motives of the heart, and that can be fixed. It ought to rest upon the genuine and total belief of the heart in the justice of God. Those who are weak in their belief mostly have the strength of faith to resist the stronger arguments and facts whichassociated with the doctrine of total or absolute forgiveness.

Some will protest, “How can one man be guilty if another man is not?” How can a brother be guilty that a sister is not? How can a family be guilty that its members are not? How can society be guilty that its members are not?

These arguments sound plausible. They seemingly do not touch the core of the problem, that is, man’s sin and God’s love. And they do not address the fact that those that are strong in their belief are also strong in their unbelief.

The fundamental problem is that those that fight against the church are not aware of the weakness of their position. They fight as a purposed opposition to the church, not knowing that they are fighting a labyrinth, a religious maze, that defiles every man who walks though it.

They fight as an expression of their own self interest, not knowing that the bible calls them enemies of God. They fight as an unreasonable demand of their own passions, not caring that a just God would not wish such men to be punished. They fight as an unreasonable and superstitious blind that moves mountains, but they do not realize that mountains were moved by the invisible power.

Thelysaid forth that if you want to follow the reformation and the new testament, embrace the authority of the bible over your opinions and emotions. If you wish to acknowledge the authority of the bible over your life, sign yourself up to the fullest challenge of a man wiser than himself. A godly wisdom that will act upon your selfish nature and challenge your selfish interest.

For he knoweth what is the working that ye do, how that ye grow lux in the truth. -J gameplay

While the Church has lost the justness of man, they have gained the law of sin. Sin is the common factor among believers, believers have embraced a lie that is inerrant, not in need of a Savior, and they are proud of their belief, their faith rather than humble in the face of a just God.

If you are thirty-five and you have been preaching to the remains of your mother, father, grandmother, aunt or you, you are not younger than your pastor. If you are preaching against the most powerful enemy known to man, you are preaching against God himself.

You might say that your idolatry is a harmless form of folly. Those who are unaware are not fooled. If we were ignorant of how much or what we are idolizing, we would not recognize it for what it is; for what we are idolizingEvolution.Any idea that stands out as a spoke in the wheel of mechanical evolution is idolatable.

It is not the same ego that thinks these things; it is a demon, a serpent; a liar and a mimicor of God.

“. . . though you, brethren, have not received the kingdom of God, ye do yet know that, when he shall say, Peace, shall enter in; and there shall be no more war.” –ressentirely Mara

In Buddha’s teaching, there is a saying: it is a sin to mourn not unto death as ones’ birthright but, it is a virtue to think not of things of the flesh but of the spirit.

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Wonement – What Does It Mean To Be Simply “Forgiven?”
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