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Withdependable Love

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WITH dependable love a man will find himself thinking of his wife. Women deserve respect no matter what a man may think. It is true that a woman should always be treated with dignity and respect but many times she gets condescending comments simply because she is a woman. It is time to change that in order to capture her heart.

When a man is not dependable in the love department, his love life will also not be a success in the long run. Yes, we all have different seasons of affection. During the productive years most of his love life is taken care by fate and family. Once the ‘yard’ is opened up, the ‘wheels’ turn faster, the work is harder and a creative crisis occurs. It is time to plan ahead and make sure that your future can be mated with steadfast love.

There was a popular saying in our country to keep the love flowing. ‘If you give someone a fish you feed him for a day; if you give him a pear, you joy him for a lifetime.’ Our country has used this common saying to encourage people to show consideration to their partners. Unfortunately though, it is not enough. Disease and trusts take a heavy toll on people’s marriages. Often, a very young girl falls in love and cannot be satisfied. From the very same seed another also may be under sentence of rejection and pain.

What is the root cause of this?Psychology said that the brain is not in the proper state to accurately realise the love and commitment. And sometimes, the brain simply fails to realise the true value and worth of the person. In such a case, the brain simply compares the value of the person in terms of the money that it can buy or what it can give. All this while not considering the person as a whole, but more in terms of the use of the person.

The problem may lie on the complexity of the personalities and the intricate calls of their relationships, or the inability to appreciate the humanity and real feelings of others. To this extent, men also have a preference; many men actually take pleasure in crimes that human laws depict as crimes. While there is no one man in the world who is against women, thousands of men are against men. The disconnection of the two genders creates apsychic gap.

Many people try to be a good example to their partners but they fail to realize that those who are so-called consider themselves as better than the ones who are not. This does not take long until they bring misery and consequent health in their part of the marriage relationship. In order to have a healthy and lively marriage, both parties need to practice devotion and unconditional love. Spiritualism says that in order to create love in a marriage, some separation between the souls is necessary. If the mates are too alike, there will be no sparkle in the marriage, no spirit to even make it alive. And truly, the love of a true man or woman is what every woman yearns for in a man, though she may not admitting it. True men and women act on the basis of love and respect.

Sadly, some people deliberately exercise this curse even without even knowing the social taboo around it. In many societies, it is quite commonplace to have someone become a father or a mother without even taking the partner permission. Putting the foot in it’s mouth or utter words before considering the consequences is often a sign of slothfulness or of being irresponsible in marriage. These people do not realize that like theormal person, they are also a spiritual being.Spiritual people, being true to themselves, do not clamour for what is not their right. They are happy and recognize the importance of entertaining the spirits. They do not engage in any physical action that might prevent their happiness, which means thatwhen they die, they do not appear to others like ghosts.

A responsible spirit will never cause any harm to anyone. If you want to protect your loved ones from harm, guard your secret feelings well. Keep your true feelings to yourself until you pass back into the informing spirit world. Try to remain detached and higher minded while dealing with the spirits. Forcing yourself to have a one sided relationship with a spirits can be dangerous if the spirits’ intentions are less than charitable.

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Withdependable Love
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