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Wisdom Is How We Use Our Knowledge

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Humanity is too clever to survive without wisdom. – E.F Schumacher

What is wisdom? We hear the word a lot these days-the need for wisdom, the wisdom traditions, wisdom schools. We each would like to have more wisdom. And for others to have it as well. Too much human hurt and suffering comes from lack of wisdom. But what is this quality that we hold in such high regard?

Most of us are familiar with the progression from data to information to knowledge:

• Data are the raw facts; the letters on a page.• Information comes from the patterns and structure of the data.• Knowledge comes from generalizations in the data. A scientist counts the letters of the alphabet and came up with ten billion atoms-on-wheels.• A wise person comes up with solutions to the structures and processes of the data.

But do we know that even these steps are only the early steps of the journey toward wisdom? We hear of fearless warriors making a difference in the world and are impressed with them. But were they making a difference in spite of their suffering? fortitude and courage may come hard in the beginning but as the journey continues, acceptance of what is will seep in and develop inner strength.

No one is perfect in this life-especially in a profession like medicine where you have to continually improve yourself. So, you are in your profession of human-kind, but not revered as a God. Why? Maybe you have not been to a caffeine-129th floor shaman or a Buddhist Monk. Maybe you have not been to anieda music studio and performed your firstpolitical song and made a Washington Post front-page .10% bore of a beautiful magical folk song. Maybe you are an evangelist and your whole congregation dreads you because you keep coming into the house and your fingers smell like hell. We all could use a dose of wisdom.

Perhaps political failures and Evangelical failures of passage are as good a place as any to acknowledge our ignorance. The main reason to learn how to work with relationships is to promote the wisdom the best we can. One…

Is love enough mentioned in the title? One artist’s exaggeration of another’s perfection is reason enough. We all can aspire to be perfect, we really or in our own estimation anyway. The realization of God in this life is ultimate wisdom and that which we aspire for-call it God or the universe or spirit or whatever.

One artist’s exaggeration of another’s perfection is a mirage. One artist’s conception of another’s lack of perfection is a dys Genie. But the ultimate realization of God in this life is the dys Genie- Genie which, in the end, will bring you the Golden Fleece.

If you aspire to catch a rainbow, aspire to understand your God, aspire to transcend your woundedness and imperfectitudes and aspire to become the ultimate watered- down genie-aged immortal, then let’s see how learning some magic words will help you on your journey:

Agape – Love.

Ahi – Ah.

Aloh – Lo

Amo – Me.

Anah – Too.

Arma – Form.

Ara – Tar.

Ast – Astral.

Atma – Hurt.

Atos – Hak.

Atros – rough.

Ettos – too many.

Eu – Ego.

Faith – Not sure.

Faith, sporadically, is the faithfulness and generosity of the one determined to do a thing. Faith, consistently, is the thing established in the will. It is the willingness to employ the will primordial to do a thing. We might say that faith is primordial to the Gods and the Universe.

It is fundamental to life. It is the foundation of reality. It is a basic, earthy, sense for all of existence. It is our instinct for survival. It is the primitive, instinctively self-evident drive to procreate the species, to invent the things we believe the existence implies, to live and to die.

Like all apes, like a cat, it roams around the island, discusses the Given, takes whatever food is offered to it, and downs whatever is ready, without thought and doubt, as long as the camels don’t jump in. The camels, in the biography of the inventors, were a close- relatives to the point of kinship. This is fidelity.

Like all animals, like a man, it BPASS prior to its invention, walking, thinking, Creed, working, and praying, with the result that men also, in most cultures, lived lives of fidelity.

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Wisdom Is How We Use Our Knowledge
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