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Why We Should Be Honest With God

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If you are honest with God, then it is more easy for Him to bless you and for you to be fruitful. The bible identifies nine characteristics of His children that they should hold in their minds. These characteristics are all designed to help us serve Him.

Here are some of the nine characteristics

1. The Joy Of The Lord is your strength.

2. Patience and goodness are the underpinnings of joy.

3. Godliness with contentment is your foundation.

4. Godliness with sincere joy can produce even in your worst time a blessing.

5. Long enduring faith is the sweet grass that nourishes your soul.

6. Patience of the saints is a gift to you.

7.Strange of heart is the root of a cheerful mind.

8. Self-control and persistence are the success ingredients that stand out in the life of the believer.

9. Focuses in the present must be such that they do not become the focus of your life.

Characteristic #2 – The improver of the mean.

The typical Christian has a perspective on the world that is shaped by their own experiences and they rely on what they have learned from the past to shape how they see the present. The problem arises when Christians feel that their experiences determine how they should view the present and future.

recollecting our past experiences only brings back to the surface feelings that we struggle with right now. If we allow the images of the past to continue to influence our perspective, then we struggle with what we term as difficulties. The way out of this dilemma is to simply realize that our experiences are nothing more than theOppositeof what we were established to be. Once we begin to let go of the past, then God can create new images for us to work with in the present and future.

Characteristic #3 – Misinterpretation of People.

There is nothing good or bad about the people that God puts in front of us on our path. Each person that comes our way is there as a teacher for us. We need to be careful when we start to feel sorry for ourselves and others. A great way that I recommend to put pressure on ourselves is to put the ball in the court where the person we are believing is. At this point, I want to be very careful about saying this because I don’t want to put on the pressure or have the person thinking that I am the one that they are looking for. The one thing that I can do as a Christian is to live my life in the Word of God.

Keep your eyes focused on the Lord in all that you do. His Holy Spirit will always let you know the Truth when you are doing things that are not aligned with His Word. So keep your focus on the teacher. Not only will a good reference help you overcome the obstacles that you may face, but it will also move you into a better position to hear your questions and give the right answers.

Characteristic #4 – Misinterpretation of Words.

Most of the time, the wrong words that we speak are choices. They have no direct bearing on anything but how they will affect our daily lives. Without fail, in time, these words will catch up to us. That is why it is so important to watch the words that come out of our mouth.

The words that come out of our mouths matter. The way that our circumstances turn out depends on the words that we speak. We only have so many words in our vocabulary at a time. We need to watch the ones that are corresponding to what God is saying to us. If the word is about finances, don’t say, “I am broke”. Always say, “I am grateful to God because He has set me free from the definitelySubmit tension of this situation.” Always say, “Thank you Lord for what you have already provided for my life.” Always keep in mind that what you ask for must be exactly what you want or nothing will be able to manifest in your requested matter.

The same thing applies to health matters. Say the word, “Thank You, Lord”, and focus on and state the specific aspect of your health matters. A word or phrase such as “I am so healthy” will do just, wisdom, prosperity, joy and all the other blessings of God will be what you will experience more and more as you praise Him for His greatness.

When Christians say that they are broke, it surely is not in their experience. They may be blessed with good health and there are other things that they have in abundance. Then they may not even know that they have the faithfulness and power of God in their lives. I certainly don’t have that experience. Never allow anything to enter your life that you would not be submitting to in the first place.

Why We Should Be Honest With God
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