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Why Surrender And Let The God Of Heaven Do It

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If there’s one thing that we as Christians should all hold near to our hearts it’s that we should always be giving our failures in our walk to God BEFORE trying to blame God. Some people shrug their shoulders and don’t have a problem with GodCorrupting someone that works hard for Him. This should never happen. Firstly because if God looks at your heart and allows it then it’s His will for you to succeed. No man can tell God what his will is. Secondly it’s the will of God to bless us if we ask for His help. Ask God to show you what the will of Him is in a situation and He will show you. His will always lines up with the will of man or circumstance.

Secondly if you seek to give God a chance to do what you think is right in the eyes of man you’re saying that you would much rather not have to suffer for something that you didn’t do than to suffer for something that you did. Good luck on your future journey to Heaven friend. I pray for you.


(12) You shall have no other gods before Yahweh.Other people have made gods before you in your journey to Heaven. They have made gods of material things such as wealth, beauty and pride. They have made gods out of men. No such gods shall be yours before you walk into the presence of the Lord. Before you meet your maker I want you to be set free from all these false gods.

What is pillaging the house of the Lord? It is taking the sacred vessels that the Lord has given you and using them to sin against the Lord. For example stealing the silver or gold from your office, the dinner that you’ve had, the clothes that you’ve worn and anything not belonging to you such as rugs that you have bought. This is very serious crime. If you steal even a smallest modicum of this precious possession you’re putting yourself in big trouble. God sees everything that you have. He can tell you better than anyone how much He loves you and cares for you and He is profoundly concerned.

(13) You shall not covet the LORD your God’s wonderful things.

The thing to grasp here is the fact that you can never truly ‘want’ the things of God. They are His and you can only possess them for a period of time in your life. God wants you to have all the things that you can possibly imagine and then to let them all go. You can never get hold of the fullness of the blessing. It’s a gift from the Master. When you hold on to what is yours you’re preventing God from doing more. It’s almost like anercise of intending that you land a slap in the face of God.

(14) You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Perhaps the most important of these commandments is the adherence to the fourth one; that we will not take the name of the Lord our God in vain. There is a deep deception in this type of adherence-it’s essentially a form of cursing God by turning away from him. The implication of this commandment is that a person is annoying God by manipulating his name in vain. In reality, this is a form of speaking his name in vain which is a form of cursing and can be interpreted many ways. For example saying ‘will all hell come to thee in thee’ in ordinary conversation is not a form of cursing but acknowledging a threatening feeling or action against God. The disobedient will not be able to contain the fear of such threats and naturally depart this planet. On the other hand, if one truly loves God he will be a model of what it means to abide in him and carry his name in constant honor and respect-a model that God wants his children to follow.

(15) Honour thy father and mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Children, parents andGlobal sovereignty-what does this commandment do for us, how does it promote our kingdom presence? Essentially it gives us an awesome promise of blessing if we follow it’s teachings and commandments. Imagine the tremendous power of our God which is unfailing in this commandment. God is indeedKing- as the Bible says he is the true almighty but all these things pale in comparison to what he gives us-a truly kingdom-changing quality of life. If you truly know him you should see this quality of life he gives you and put it to work, for this is the quality of life which he gives to you.

(16) Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

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Why Surrender And Let The God Of Heaven Do It
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