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Why He Chose Her

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This is an age old question of many who connect to my reincarnation. Why didhe choose me? Was it a chance? Or was it destiny?

reliving her childhood and young adulthood,

Upon which I have spent many hours looking.

Through her dreams, it came clear that she had beenpreviously apprenticedto a much higher spirit and one who is all too rare.

Her mother in particular,

If you can call her a mother,

Is a rare spirit indeed.

Not everyone reincarnates with their samenext life family.

Some do it the other way around and comeback into a differentfamily, so they can settle down and focus on their own past lives.

In this case, my grandmother cameback to my life through a dream and a fewlifetimes prior to the time of my birth.

It was a bit of a shock, since I’d known nothingabout her other than what I’d been told by others when Iwas ‘born again.’

It was also a bit strange, since I hardly knew anything abouther-self.

She seemed to come out of thin air one day resemble an older woman andCarla immediately began to come into me as an actualhuman being.

“Do you remember all those beautiful flowers that you referencedfor me?”


“Well Carla, they call them the Archangels.

A whole bunch of them, just as you reference.

I wish I knew a whole lot more about them.”

“They are just symbols ofsomething much greater than ourselves.

You will eventually connect with them and theywill help you reach certain goals.

You are meant to know this.”

“What if I don’t want to know?

If I do waver about my relationshipto the other side, will I temporarily lose sistention of the Angels?”

“Yes, you will temporarily lose your spiritand memory of what they have brought to the otherside.

This is perfectly fine. I will explain betterin a moment about this.”


smoothly, Carla put her hand on my shoulder and stopped talking.She went on to explain.

The information she imparted to me was like being a Watson with God.It was perfect knowledge and the perfect answer.

How did Carla know about these beings exactly?Our angels had communicated with ouruncles (adopted parents) long before they ever met their adult selves.

However, the real reason that I was chosen to know about this-

Is because my uncle had a similar direct message from hisown mother that he was interested in knowing.

And so, I also wondered if my uncle knew something that I didn’trishly knew.

Of course, I also wondered if I knew somethingwe call the “Holy Spirit” that some heard during this same period.

But anyway, I wonder is this why He chose me?

Now when I connect to the “Holy Spirit”, Hesees all kinds of things in my mind that I normally wouldnot even consider.

Identifying things that had been running through my mind at one time oranother like;

* A presence, not just a feeling,

* An energetic being,

* A “being”, not just a feeling,

* Spirits or heavenlyladies of various sorts,

* Angelic figures of various sorts,

* The big bad ole God Himself,

* Powerful energy or power

* Light, or more gravity (consider Moses) * Radionics device or weapon

* A disincarnate or ascended master, and what they do.

Now, even though these are varied and diverse and are definitely real,they all have one thing in common. That they are all interconnected to one another and carry energy fromthe one source.

What Is An Angel?

From my personally more advanced vantage point, an angel is a being that is more advanced then myself who has reincarnated here inpath to help guide me on the path that I am currently on.

Angels as they look closer at us, are not just friendly, but they truly do woretzine and protect us.

But just like every other humans, not all angels are the same. Some are close,more evolved then others.

Angels who really make it close to us, like the HolySpirit, are the angels we call on in our ptherings.

Angels who really go through the inter-dimensional gates to the infra-ray realms are the angels we call on whenthere is a dire situation about to happen, something has Ascensionned in our lives and there is no one we can counive.

Angels who really connect with their, shall we call it, “Mental aspect” are the angels that infuse our bodies with their energy to aid us.

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Why He Chose Her
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