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Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2

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We continue learning reason for God not to answer our prayers, and though 2 Corinthians 9:10 makes it clear that God answers some prayers and doesn’t answer others, he doesn’t deny that he answers some prayers and doesn’t answer others. What then are the reasons why we should be careful about praying for certain things?

Let’s consider a couple of these problems that Christians have, and could find ourselves in:

We want to serve God, but we just don’t have the faith to do it. People ask God to help them, or to strengthen them in some way, and they’re afraid to act, or to walk away. The answer there is to continue acting, and to continue walking with the Lord. If you feel you can’t walk away from a problem, even one as serious as an answered prayer, you need to ask God to strengthen you. His faithfulness is to see you through, and to see the approach of your circumstances as He saw them before they happened (as was His will). Prayer is very important, but only in helping you to persevere with your present tasks – in so many ways – and especially in overcoming the obstacles that are always being thrown in your path.

We want to give to others, but we’re afraid to open up our hearts. We’re afraid to reveal our doubts, and disappointments, and guilt and hold them in. It’s so easy to fall into this trap – to lose Ourself to sin. If your desire is to please God, and to do His Will, then the only way to do it is to be honest, bold and truthful in the situation. And if you tell someone what is bothering you, then the problem becomes bigger. Open that can of worms with a very big letter.

God shows His mercy to us through the things surrounding the cross, and the dispassion He showed towards all who came to Him through Jesus. But a serious problem often presents itself, especially when we ourselves are involved. We suddenly find ourselves afraid to tell God. We are afraid to ask for Him to help us. And we can’t even pray. All these things are an attack from the enemy, to stall us and put us off pursuit of God’s will to do, will be done.

When Peter and John met the crippled man at the gate who asked for help, Peter said “Master, don’t you have anywhere to go for your journey?” Jesus warned them not to call him because he had no where to go. This shows that Peter and John were in a serious problem, but it was the Lord who came to their rescue and saved them from their discouragement. Why wouldn’t we?

Today we see the same type of thing happening; we have people who are in a critical stage, and although they say they believe in God, their spirits are so crushed that they would rather not even go to church. But, the Lord is not staying any longer to save them either, because if He did, it would be too late. No, He’s coming to them, and His mercy is going to be their great reward; they are going to see the glory of the Lord.

The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He wants to defeat us in the things of God we love, like being faithful to Him and expressing praise for what He has done for us. But if we allow the enemy access into our heart, he will win, and we will slowly extinguish the spirit, life and hope that is in us. Inwardly we are crying out for help, but the Lord knows exactly what we need, and He is going to give it to us. Once we open up that can of worms within us, the enemy will destroy us, stolen away by the lusts of this world.

So continue to fight the good fight of faith, and in your inner man be confident, and Divine blessings are all around you. Keep your faith strong, and your trust in Him firm, through every temptation. Have courage, and the reward is not only spiritual, but also material, it is a matter of the heart, what you have to say, how you are speaking to God, what you are believing in Him.

The moral of the story- we cannot overcome the world by fear. By inner peace we will overcome the world.

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Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2
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