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Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2

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We continue reading in the letter of Paul to the church at Thessalonica – there is a bit more detail given than in our earlier reading, but there is always useful information and insights there for us.

In Chapter 3 and at verse 20, Paul gives us a beautiful description of his experience in prayer. He says, “For I wish that my joy may be seen in you all the days of the Lord. I wish that my kindness may be in you all the days of your lives, most especially to such suffering believers as may have none mighty enough to pay the debt that I am about to owe to them.”

Here is a man who is so desperately worried about the ability of other believers to pay the debt he has run up, that he runs all over himself to even show others his gratitude and understanding for their suffering.

You cannot go anywhere and mount up and speak the right words, and say the right things, and hope to be heard when it is the Spirit of the living God who is speaking.

Jesus spoke about it. It was being spoken about even in the ears of those closest to Jesus.

But, the Scriptures say, “When he has preached to others, you will hear him”. That is exceedingly reassuring. If others are hearing him, then it can be that the Lord is answering the prayers of all who have been faithful to him and to Calvary.

When he is speaking to you, you will hear something. Surely, someone has it, or is going to hear it. It is being shared with one another, and it may even be with the spiritual of the church.

Prayer is being made available in a way which has never been available before.

The Psalmist lifted his eyes to the heavens, and the Lord’s Prayer is shared – if we have a] remembrance and a reminder, together is the achievement of God – that we should sing praises to our God in the heavens, while men turn about and hate our”-(Divine Words).

There was a Prayer in the Chapter of Isaiah, which lasted nearly seventy years, and was about the same as this one, and I am told that it predates both the Old and New Testaments.

If anyone needs to know more about the prayer of Jesus’ disciples, the Psalm of Moses and the Hallel Prayer are resources which could be drawn from Genesis Chapter 12. Do check this out and learn something new all of this, because believe me, the life of Calvary and the Cross is vindicated in these matters.

Think of creation and all that took place. At the end of the day, God turned to work with that book which is called the Bible, and his Word was turned into the very words of God.

These words of the Psalmist have the exact meaning that God intended, and the Psalmist knew that they referred to real incidents and circumstances, and so he writes in a domestic and personal context.

This Psalm speaks about the fragile unity of a family and of the home.

Every word which flowed from the mouth of this man was meaningful and significant and profound and profound.

Have you in the past regarded the people of God as an inferior group, and those who belong to the family as inferiors? That is an enormous sin!

The people of God are not an inferior group. They are not inferiors, and nor are they sinners, and although they are not perfect, they are called to excellence.

There is no such thing as spiritual superiority. men are all the same, but he went to the Father God through Jesus Christ and now has an unassailable claim upon the promises and promises of God.

Jesus did not come in order to be master. He came in order to be the one who is able and qualified and enabled to lead and to serve and shepherd and minister.

The Psalmist feels for the Select purposes of GOD.

The Psalmist’s heart is in his words and in the words of these leaders and the words which they speak.

The Psalmist sees something in God that is new and fresh and unusual and refreshing and encouraging.

For these leaders are called by our Almighty God to take the saving freedom provided by Jesus Christ and to proclaim the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The Psalmist recognises something uniquely real and special and meaningful.

The best is yet to come. There is so much more.

What a letter from God’s Word. How blessed are those who read and study God’s Word and find their realise its true relevance and value!

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Why God May Not Answer Your Prayers: Reason 2
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