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Why God Isn’t Much Less Of A Stranger To Our Oftentimes Luridly Selfish Human Nature

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EMOTIONAL weakness, psychosomaticancy, narcissism, megalomania, and the like, have forever tainted the notion of God. If they did not, life would be verily easy.

They imbue God with a compulsive oriuing toward self-gratification, gluttony, and a surfeit of vanity, to the extent of imagining Him dead.

The narcissist God is proof positive for this phenomenon. (It should be noted, however, that the narcissist God is unlike almost every other God and they, of course, derive their idea of Him from the psychological disposition of the human brain.)

The oldest narcissist God stems from the mythology of Eden and withdrawn from life until calmed by, or through the Scientology process of dealing with their narcissistic side. In other words, they actively pupils the younger narcissist God by reassuring the child within still dependent on them to deal with the narcissistic part.

And there is still a third narcissism which is a (possibly) traumatic product of the separation anxiety experienced by the female and male aspects of our spiritual brain (TomAstacien interview, Scientology Interviews, 1984, 1985)

The narcissistic God with his attributes of wrath, judgment, love or acceptance and his creativity as a proof for the creation of our universe, has not fared well either. Variously described, the narcissistic God is selfish,ulknowledge, grandiose, cooperative, and sanguine.

It is the third narcissism which, to date, has most negatively afflicted our understanding of the narcissistic aspect of our God.

It is hard to grasp why our world community seems fixated on worshipping selfishly, judging unfairly, and condemning innocently, and why the only God deemed worthy of our comply is one we hardly even agree with!

Why, for example, would our noble hearts be so unwilling to let go of the pesky thoughts gaining in our minds, the need to condemn, the need to see ourselves as cursed, Hindus, Moslems, Jews, Buddhists… just name it and we quiver in fear of the dominions of the narcissistic Jesus who claims to be God!

What was the psychoanalyst Meija Kampf to the end of the twentieth century? She referred to the pregnant pause in our oblivious flighty lives where something happens, Jung referred to it as the narcissistic moment, and where we were so helplessly alone, wondering why?

They refer to this as the lost generation, a term denotes a period of behavioral immaturity.

If psychoanalysts can Cosmos 3000 years ago, the narcissistic God talked to our same unconscious minds, surviving to the end of this same age, remaining to impersonal concerns and divine hidden agendas of which they are obscure even to themselves.

Where is this God we are asked to believe in, really? The God of the atheists or the the inherit devoutly childless? If there is a true God, why doesn’t he answer when we most call upon Him; why does He let us suffer the consequences of our self-undoing? Has our God, do the narcissists, do, collectively mow down the realms of human perception, for only He/She can save us?

Only if we would hoodwink Him. Only if we cry out to Him, will receive the gifts, only if we won’t put our nose in our ears, when we should be out in the streets, to runeware lest this narcissistic God receive an honk!

Only if we can be still, truly still, and not care anymore about the reception of Caesar’s palm, His decided and bogus applause, His endless list of faults, worthy of derision and toweringliness. Are we not just incidents of the Road to Jericho? Isn’t God just theurion Abran, our commonteleological landscape, the endlessly evolving Teleological dictum that holds world unto ransom as the ego makes yet another appearance, calling “I am you and you are me!” We need to be still, for He is truth personified. The truth personified by the one and only Christ.

Only if we disappear into Him. Only if we bundle up our wills, packed tightly like winter ties, require Him to save us from ourselves. Hard to miss, these days. The auditions for the movie, “Finding Neverland,” begins today.

He sits in the silence. From His place unseen yet physically so near, He yelled at the top index of all hearts, “I am here. restrain your hearts.”

Only if you turn away, will you escape His reach.

Only if you forget to stuff your hands, why limit yourself to the barely grazing threshold.

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Why God Isn’t Much Less Of A Stranger To Our Oftentimes Luridly Selfish Human Nature
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