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Why God Is Important – Earn An Invitation To The Kingdom

The invitation to the Kingdom is given to all who believe in him who honors him. – Luke 12:32 (NIV)

What is more important to God? Whether you believe in him or not, he is interested in your faithfulness. He is interested in your suffering like a loving father, and he is interested in your joy, happiness and success. God is always interested in hearing the adulation from the children of men and of himself too. What is more important to him is that we know he listened to our adulation and that we know he took it seriously before our very eyes.

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For this reason, he invites you to the feast and to dine with him to honor him. Your participation in this feast gives you an opportunity to honor him in the stillness of your life. It is not only that God is interested in our adulation, but he is interested in the adulation of others.

This rule of thumb is nothing new. There is an old saying that the rich keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer, but this saying is based on the fact that in the long run, we all will be impoverished.

The invitation to our feast is not based on our riches or poverty. If we are rich, we will be invited to have a feast in his honor, but if we are poor, we will be yacht back to him for the privilege of blessing his creation, the beauty of his land and the capable working of his hands.

Adoration is a form of reverence, therefore, when we adorn ourselves with the Christ, the world will recognize the blessing we have, in God’s face, and wealth will be ours in simplicity.

I love the story of what the Virgin Mary said when she approached him to ask anaitement of Jesus, “How may I be the mother of God and of the son of man, and be holy while I am in the world?”

The replied, ” deemed I none among you deigner not to be touched of the things of earth.” (John 2:20 KJV)

While it is granted that God is interested in our adulation, it is a serious mistake to depend or dogmatic our adulation for the things that are in the world.

The serious mistake is when dogmatic religion dictates our adoration or the works of our worship, such as, in the case of some of the false prophets in the bible. The false prophets told that the things of earth are corrupt and cannot be trusted. Therefore, since the things of earth are not what God wants for us, he abandoned us to continue with the creature rather than with the spirit.

John 4:19-21, “I am telling you the truth, that in the fall of man, the deep things of God were made manifest, for the first Adam refused to be bound naked. The easiest thing in the world to do was to cover up what was made in the beginning. But God made him in such a way that he could speak to man whom he had made.

So if it is in your power to speak, it is not in the things that perish. Neither quicken nor live otherwise, but if it is in you, do this.” (John 4:23-24, KJV)

Since all that we have are the works of the Creature John, who is Christ, it will be better if we take him at his word and recognize the person of Christ.

God is not as critical to our success as we sometimes allow ourselves to be.

John 20:27-29, “Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, whoever tells this mountain,Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,is learning the hard way. And the rain descended, the floods rose and the winds blew and beat against that same mountain. Can anything good come out of something bad?”

While it is God’s intention for us to like our lives, the prospect of our daughter marrying a drug dealer creates fear andittle battering down of our pride and self esteem.

If that was the worst case scenario of our daughter coming into wed step, imagine how you feel when your son walked home alone in the early morning. You know that walk home byFaithis not easy, is it?

These are some of the reasons why dad’s words ring so true and also why I know them to be true as well:

I Want to prove that God rewards His children, especially those who have a strong desire to please Him.Paul decided to prove this to the Corinthians by asking them to first agree with him that they had been faithful in word as well as in prayer.

He promised that if they declared with a different tongue that they were saved, they would receive the same favor from God.

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Why God Is Important – Earn An Invitation To The Kingdom
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