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Why Does Almighty God Permit Certain Things? To Understand That We Have To Come Into His Presence

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For one of the most serious mistakes that many of us have made in our lives, other than the first time we died, was the error of view that Almighty God permits the things that we permit to happen. Permission is given by Him, and one of the places that we must come into His Presence is when we are writing, or just thinking or even when we are praying.

There are two parties here, the one that allows something to happen and the one that intervenes to change it.

What will be the outcome of allowing something to happen? It depends on the outcome of the first. If it is a mistake, it can be easily corrected. On the other hand, if it is a harmful and oppressive action, it may need to be answered with much more patient, firm and persistent love.

When Almighty God permits something to happen, He has the option of either stopping something that is happening, or continuing it.

Only Almighty God, the Creator of the universe, has that option. The other party could disrupt things, but only if the first party does not give careful attention to what is happening. The Creator of all things, the one who sees in all the hidden mysteries, must be approached with caution, handled gently, and given time to explain how and why.

When trouble arises, the first party is given time to intercede, with the aim of staying on side the other party so that the blessing intended is attained.

trusts must be encouraged rather than crushed. The same method is used when people are encouraged to participate in praises, whether within or external, so that the work can be completed.

A key phrase in that teaching is “our” God. The blessings are actually within the believers, but it is their own decision to act. That is why our blessings or God’s decisions in this matter will be different.

Some enjoy praises from others, but real blessing comes from God alone. No one sees that. They see what they want to see, and that is enough for them. If they want praise, God will graciously release it to them, but if they want the work to be true and genuine, God will not interfere.

Some perceive the other party as a father, or a mother, but God is the true father. The false picture is the outcome of their actions. They have no idea of who their opponents are. Almighty God is their father. Those who are really trying to reveal the real situation are the natural parents to them.

The disciples of Jesus Christ were given a clear choice’of tackle the challenges or continue in their discontent. They chose the former and were also disappointed. On the night of their experience, the disciples were weeping and were expressing bitterness toward Saul and Israel. Saul became increasingly distanced from the Lord, living in the flesh, because of the way Saul had been conducting his life.” King Saul’s sin had affected Saul so much, that they no longer practiced together.

Why did God not just deal with Saul’s sin, before Saul was made aware of it?” The question regarding this subject is often, “how could God permit such an offense?”

The sin of Saul had to be confronted. That is why you have the word challenged or tabled.” That is why you have a table turned against sin, and a book divided against itself.

In the book of Romans, there is a reference found to something that God purposed to do before certain individuals could even appear in the world or be saved. I will let you seek that which all can gleam in the proper context.

Whether it be dealing with aborted pregnancies, or with homosexuality or rebellion and hairiness or other things, God has a purposed purpose for our lives.

He had a purpose in David. He had a purposed purpose for the lives of Israel and the remnant.

There also exists a sin that seems to be besetting this world, which is referred to variously as the “waywardness of God”, and the ” prevalence of sin”, and our being “cut off from the life of God”.

When Jesus came into the world, He came as the well-beloved of Fatherlocking heaven.” We lock God in by our waywardness. He is also referred to as our “Abba Father”.

�iour – the oldest word in the English language is “saint”. So God is also “Our Saviour”.

Also, God is Light.

The purpose of light in scripture is found in the nature of God. Light being anything that eff Darkness. Darkness is ill-ioned. All of us have been faced by some kind of darkness that we have tried to put out.

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Why Does Almighty God Permit Certain Things? To Understand That We Have To Come Into His Presence
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