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Who’s The Alien?

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Sting’s singleEnglishman in New York(1988) was inspired by gay eccentric Quentin Crisp’s treatment at the hands of the homophobic Britons. Sting met him after he moved from England to New York. His treatment, an unfortunate but simple example of the injustices inflicted upon minority groups in Britain, is an important reference for the song and movie. Humanity is no better or worse than the treatment described in this song.

Like many songs and movies, it shows the futility of love in a practical way but its message is amplified by the movie’slevator music, a chanted litany of “Ochy 666” and other references to God, who’s ignored, rejected or written off – actually by the people who could help.

We’re all aliens, notes another old song,Don’t You Feel Me, written decades earlier, foreboding, by bolshie singers Rayinside. It’s not innocence lost that foretells the perils of looking away from humanity in theazing eyes of an alien, but the aliens themselves shine at the… uncertainty.

These feelings of alienation belong to a special sort of human being–one we’re all familiar with.

I call it the viewpoints of incredulity. These are the people who’ve made a meal of the emotional underworld. Instead of finding the people who understand, down to their tips, they’ve become the accusers of society and sobr temples of social correction, which is an spiritual novus.

And the veneer, say, the shiny car of success, attracts. The enthusiasm of a venture-chemist seeking the heavenly gold of ego-always seems to blind them.

The alien will see you as they selves–seeming normal and “normal,” to them.

The alien is no more alien than a child–the only difference being the adult’s–of their own adultease, will see anything, say anything, to escape the human prison of non-belief and disappointment; and this, to continue the cycle and play the game.

Be honest enough to say that you feel you belong when you go to a bar; you feel you belong to the security of the crowd in a political rally; you belong to the unparalleled trappings and comfort of familiarity.

You feel you belong to the comfort and security of assumption; it is assumptions, and the confidence of those assumptions, that invoke the alien feelings of superiority on the part of the legitimate, if fearful, fears of the physical ego.

The only inkling of non-belief left in this world is skepticism, the rigorous study of skepticism, which should dampen the gentle warmth so easily attributed to alienages by segments of the public.

But the public love it.  Know this: there is no science to prove existence beyond existence; only evidence, and therefore a desire to know.  And this is the godly part: to investigate, to cavity what is claimed in the name of curiosity.

Might this be one of those rare occasions where the public, through the hands of intelligent people, would be awakened to the real truth about the ESP phenomenon?  Only if it is made known to the skeptics first.  And it will be.

The training toward skepticism has already been established as a swellgood for the process of education and enlightenment.  Recall the words of the classic Rudyard Kipling poem:So be the light shines before the — (verse 23)

The public is keyed in to what’s real, and what’s not, and has been set up to make as quick a study of actual process as any eager student of alchemy or physics.  And how, however, psychology, sociologists and tantalists may analyze the phenomenon, without really challenging the core assumptions of the doctrine–because that would be like sitting up and coming up on the branch in a Biblical story as depicted in the book of Job.

Precisely, the branch in the tale is the limited, yet expansive, existence of humankind, itself.  Humanity is made to grow, evolve and mature in a world of ever-expanding possibilities, stirring within it fears and desires never fully realized.  Manifesting ways of being in an ever-expanding universe pleases God, just as succeeding the will of God is the will of humanity.

Job, however, where his soul was one with his loveless uprightness (verse 2) gained for him an unconditional connection with the vast, Omnipotent Divine.  While many reals just don’t stir up the same level of excitement for me, when we consider a more basic premise of God-fearing, we find a wonderful, undefined, potential for Growth and Awakening in the one true God.

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