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Who Benefits When A Loved One Passes?

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The question as it is posed: If someone who loved my father passed away would the benefit go to my ex wife or someone that the child has been with?

It is wonderful when loved ones come to each other when the time comes to part ways, and the energy is positive. There is always a sense of love and happiness and you can really feel it.

You should however never say anything to force a conversation which would destroy your relationship. You want the best for the people you love.

We have previously shared many reasons why walking away from one another is unhealthy, and best to leave peacefully, if you desire so.

You also revealed that you were not true to yourself when you were still in the prime of your physical life, and didn’t consider the effect of your emotional attachments. You see when you emotionally associate you also committed linkage to the person who harmed you, so now you have been doubly responsible.

You felt emotions while assisting someone who has been emotionally entangled by their relationship with someone else who has also been emotionally entangled. You saw the attachment those people had to the other, and how it affected them, so now you are even more attached to those people who have harmed the other.

Both have to be held responsible for your reactions. Your guidelines for happiness do not include those people in your definition of happiness.

The ripple effect” is still happening, although it has become less dramatic over time, but there are those who do hang on to those hatinative connections…

The best thing to do is let go of it all. All of it. See out of (spiritual) sight, and all these attachments will be clear to you. You then will realized that there is indeed nothing to be “rieved”.

Resentment, anger, pain, misery, and helplessness are all attached to the false conclusions our parents and ancestors have allowed to influence us to believe our lives are less than the natural and desirable state of our existence.

See even the most logical person, in the nicest possible way, being resentful toward another, because that person is harming them in some way.

The reality is, those people who are acting resentful toward others are acting self-righteously, and it is plain to see that they lack love and appreciation for the other.

They are truly suffering, and their mental state is an unhappy one, because they are still seething with angry memories and desires about past events that did nothing to secure their freedom.

The presumptuous or willful attachment to a non-existent past event is the cause for their suffering.

True freedom comes from the realization of your awareness that any resistance to love is caused by an attachment to an untrue past event.

It is your natural state to be free. It is your natural state to look beyond the non-stop emotional reactivity of this present moment, to freedom.

However, your emotional reactions to events, both past and present, is the exact reason that you carry disharmonious emotions within you. It is the reason your mental state is such that you cannot sense the purest essence of joy.

It is the exact reason you cannot experience true love from this present moment; this present moment is filled with resistance to your pure state of joy.

It is the reason you are afraid of the future, which remarkably resembles the past in the present moment.

True omens, signs and guidance from your inner Higher Self can be found when you discard your attachment to the past and look at current circumstances.

Why single out the past to analyze it? For what purpose? Does it actually help you to resolve any of the issues or clean up the situations?

True questions, or sincere honest questions like “Why am I here?”, “What are you doing here?” would work far better then lactating thoughts on how something occurred in the past.

When you present your emotional responsibly, you can be touched by an omnipotent being of love. You can feel a real sense of peace and joy relief.

And, when you are emotionally cleansed you can send out loving energy to others who may be carrying some missed negativity.

True seek to understand the pain in yourself first, before you can offer understandable answers to it.

True Acceptance more able to admit the facts

Accepting whatever doesn’t really matter and purely honourable, yet decisive.

You get the picture…

When emotions like anger, fear, irritation, impatience, intolerance, envy, greed, and co consumes the soul, the heart can always start finding love, purpose, and solution without you needing to defend (or blame) yourself at all.

All the answers are here within the purview of your Higher Self. Kind of humoring, if you will, the “ego”.

Your Higher Self is the voice of divine wisdom.

Who Benefits When A Loved One Passes?
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