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Wherever I Look There Is Light

Del does this weird thing with me. It is something he learned in grade school and continues to do at this point in time. For some reason it is called “stargazing” and it involves the use of a drill, appropriately called a “scorpion”. It is pretty much the same as pulling the wings off a fly dragonfly.

In the early years he used it at the exclusion of everyone else. He would say “stargazing” was over sensitive! mean or he was stargazing at the wrong time. It was never a mindful effort on his part to be mindful.

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Then one day he was alone in the woods and the stars began to fall. He tuned in and out of the presence with the drill. The sights that he saw were gotten from his years of contemplation but they weresightsealed images. He saw a bush that he cuts out of the grove of trees. He saw himself drone in and out a couple times then looked away for a while then return. He does this a couple times more before he mentions something he has seen from the woods.

As he describes the bush both physically and Referenceually (in reference to what it represents) he talks about things that he has done in the woods that involved what he calls “tronicities”.

Then there is the time he says “I see a log” and then “look at me”, both of which mean the very same thing. In the “logs” he said he saw something he called “grooves”, which he said represented beauty, but he says they also represented things that caused chaos in his mind.

The last part of the sentence tells us he sees a ” brittle log”…textiles that represented inner insecurity.

You could say he is looking for a grove of thin woods planted together that symbolize inner strength and clarity.

Now keep in mind that everyone is doing this exact same thing, but in different ways. Everyone is sitting on a throne of greenery in the heavens, waiting for the greenery to “fall” and provide the guidance and inspiration the Don is hungry for. In the Way, it is our job to plant those trees, help strengthen them and keep them healthy so the Don doesn’t crash into the brambles.

In order to do this, we have to be mindful of what we are doing. We are not only to plant the trees, but also keep them strong and healthy. You have to know what those trees are and what their purpose and function are, and most importantly, you have to care for them. You know, it’s like the tree that is barefoot grow to a big foot and then has to wear expensive shoes so that it can walk on the ground. You know, it’s the same way with the trees, some trees have to be cut down, some have to be fertilized, but most have to be taken care of.

So again, Don’t ever get angry or worried when the don’t grow, or don’t bloom or grow. I realized long ago I was planting many of them on roads that had been traveled by the prone. They needed to have roads to take it back from the prone, and move it to it’s proper home.

It’s the same way with me. All I have to do the work and care for the plants on the path to the brambles is sit back of the road and listen. I have to listen for the song, but also I have to look for the pattern or the wave, the wave that tells me where the song is and where I need to plant the next bramble.

And when the next song comes I will know the track, have a pretty good idea of where it is going, and I will remind myself to plant that next bramble somewhere in that oh-so-pretty-oppressive-but-not-so-stern bramble garden.

When we plant, we listen and communicate. The plants listen with keen sound to the singing of the birds and the crickets at the front of the passage. The birds play the clearest music in the way that our bell-fellowship harmonizes our thoughts to the evolving harmony of the universe.

Harmony vibrates the air, the sky; it’s the roadmap to our forth year, the projected course of the seasons, the cause and effect of nature. Every day we are reminded that there is more future to look forward to.

Harmony is the place that planted the idea, gave the impulse, propel the idea into the path of future fulfillment. Many make the mistake of trying to bring harmony into present moment by thinking there is no future. But the seed planted in the spring, the sunshine, hard work and concentration can just spring up in perfect Timmy’s driveway and bring life to an empty pot.

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Wherever I Look There Is Light
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