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Whereby Do You Know That You Have God In The Dwelt In You?

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Cheated the world for all they knew but failed to deliver them from all they believed in. Some accepted the good but not the true. Some received the true but kept their own eyes on the beckoning. Some arrived at the destination already but refused to take the offered gift. It’s easy to tell them apart but harder to understand them.

We can only do what we have been sent to do in our state of mind but we cannot use our abilities to cheat the powers of God. The master can do only the will of God. To single-mindedly concentrate on the blessings of God, concentrate on the heart of all things, is our assurance of blessings rather then the gifts. All the powers of God are wrapped in a package called “God Is in the building.” All that is needed to bring them out is a key.

This brings salvation to the soul through the Apostles by one born of God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. For further revelation and description of the Apostolic Canopy and the full impact on the church it’s well to read the book of Revelation. It’s a bible story with a message attached to it that’s only been released in the last days.

We can only realise the full impact of God’s truth the moment we discern and obey to the calling of God.

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James 3 focuses on responsibility. Each one of us is held accountable. We should be able to look each one in the eye and say, “right, wrong or if I dare, I will.” In the light of day, our eye can betray us. The lusts of our sinful nature will always be right.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18

We can put sins to the disciples, if they choose, and they will repent and confess with their mouth their sin. They will acknowledge that their right standing with God was an illusion. Your pride can be your curse. Some never have this opportunity. The ones who do, will be the killers of the following week. True, some will be repentant, and others will be spiteful, but Jesus has said that He has forgiven us.

John 20:23 states that “the time for the last judgment has come.”

Why? So that the world can be judged. The kings of the earth will be tried and the servants of God likewise. Those who deny God will be hated by all nations. Those who love God, however, will be marked in their hearts as peculiar treasure. The ones who worship their god, however, will be waiting for the vindication of their faith in The Son of God and will enjoy His blessed Presence in heaven for all eternity.

There is no temptation that can be overcome if you are in Christ. The temptation of Christ, His Cross and His shed blood is for all people. You can stand above it all. The world is only for the strong, and the one who trusts in His strength will be strong over it all. The end of this world as we know it will be the solar yield, and many will perish. The bible makes it clear that those who have fallen will be consumed by the flames of fire, so the righteous will shine like the sons of God from that glorious Light in Heaven (Rev. 19:11, 24:1-4, 2 Peter 3:10). The ones who have lost their lives in the rehearsals of God’s word, or in theeking outhis true loving grace through Jesus Christ, will have bodies waiting for the resurrection when He comes for them to take glory with Him (v. 2; Luke 22:30).

It’s Lights Out Time on the pretense that we have all the lights of the evening in Christ, and it’s truly dark in the world. We are called to walk in the night in Christ, but the world is in darkness and so are the governments. The enemy is not attending to the light in any of them. Let’s keep off the buds and concentrate on the hope in the night because God is about to shine some more. And, it’s not all gloom and doom as the weed grows! (Rv. 14:16).

Let’s pray that we can keep our focus on what Jesus said: “And in silent prayer keep watch, pray constantly, that you may be enzymes in people’s lives, that you may turn people’s lives about the place. You must continue to be that silence when the trumpet goes. The light you give will be the Jacob’s Light that will turn many to the truth.” (11 Cor. 7:5-7)

Whereby Do You Know That You Have God In The Dwelt In You?
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