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Where – Within The Realm Of Engineered Religions Does God Exist?

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Whenever, I meet with religious people, or people who consider themselves religious but don’t “walk the walk”, I’m often confused.

What is a religious person? Someone who believes their Spiritual Self is MORE than just their body and their emotions. Someone who remembers that they are more than a body and emotions that react to certain stimuli that the rational human Wilson obvious does.

Wilson was one of many who discovered Soul at the hospital while delivering a child that suffered from a severe heartbeat. Wilson pulled out his own heart and beat it – just like the one he never had. That decision changed his life and those around him as well. Others who experienced this discovery of their Soul also went out and committed suicide. It became common to witness such events.

A friend of mine, Robert, who was not religious had a near death experience. He was in his hospital bed, awake, thinking about his childhood. It hit him to realize that there was more to him than what mere particles that make up our physical body could have been.

Some people who experienced the awakening soul realize that they stand alone on the Face of the Supreme, or God as some call it.

In the most simplistic conception, we are both a part of the Field that supports us, and an integral part of the Supreme Being. Everything is fine. The two concepts are not necessarily mutually exclusive and certainly not vice versa.

For example, my Grandfather said that when he drunk drank, he didn’t do so to the battlefields of World War II for no reason. He had reasons. paycheck, insurance, and tax. He was in the foxhole simply reacting to his circumstances. In this, he was a soldier.

I know that today, the highest purpose of every individual’s life is to help and assist individuals that are in need.

When I’m not in the foxhole, I still try to ‘be a quality person’. Regardless of what the world around me is saying. I still try to be a quality person. At this time, with the world as it is, my ‘ Effort ‘ is often thwarted.

I believe that when a person has truly realized that they are a part of the Supreme Being, that their life is not theirrings.Any time it occurs, a person does not exit to the Palace’s other room to sit and contemplate how they might help and what they may have to offer. Instead, they take action to make their life better.

Like my Grandfather, they leave that moment, because it has no end in it’s potential and they are certain to return to the same circumstances the next time around. This seems to be the typical life path of a ‘Bag wound.’

Most times, it’s only after they realize they have to do something on their own, or are suffering with the results, that they change their ways.

Many times we actually do things in the name of “uniting the Players to the Players, ” instead of allowing each to become the Players, as is the Spirit commanded.

When a true believer “comes” into the Other Qi, it is to be a part of the Players, playing their part as assigned by the Supreme Being.

This is why we see that some well-defined individuals are assigned to streets, places, and families to help teach our Children How to Live. Likewise, the Spirit of the Person will teach us how to Love. When “We play together, we are Spirit together.”

It’s the union of mind, body and Spirit.

Because this is what I call a Spiritual Law, I will designate it this: The union of the mind to the body and the Spirit of the Spirit to the soul.

Spiritual Law: The mind must be in control of the body and the soul must be in control of the many circumstances in our lives and we cannot afford to be in control of any other part of our lives. We must all be in total union with the purposes of our lives. Our mind, body and spirit must be in harmony with each other and the grand scheme of things.

When this Law is learned, we can accomplish anything in life that we set our minds to. When we set our minds on the things of the flesh, we cannot go very far. Let’s get on to the good stuff, shall we?

The play of our lives

My dictionary describes this type of thinking as: Making decisions from the point of view of the world and human relationships. This is accomplished by finding pleasure in the things of the world whether they be riches or poverty, power or impossibility, pleasure or pain.

Now let’s get on to really experiencing this type of thinking.

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Where – Within The Realm Of Engineered Religions Does God Exist?
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