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Where Do You Stand With Regard To Real, Genuine, Spiritual Revival

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Which Can Supersede Merely Spiritual Ceremonies And Revelation Which Are Hoped To Evolve Around The World?

Much of the early Gospel of the New Testament has been discarded, misinterpreted and altered in your present context, but in these early days of the Church of Jesus Christ, obscure passages and verses can be a cause of confusion.

Think again.

If it is true that what we have in the Bible is true, then it is also true that what we do not have in the Bible is false.

Now, in all the discussions and writings and sermons we have on this topic – which can be a spiritually decaying lifestyle in many respects – how do we know the difference?

When it comes to the question of reading the Bible for the first time, remember, there is that book called “the Bible” and although its real title is “the Holy Bible”, this title includes all the books from Genesis right on up to Revelation.

From the book of the prophet Jeremiah, right on through to “the Revelation” look for Holy Scriptures either in the original Hebrew or Greek, and then read it. Remember too that there are many Blessings and Mercy Egos in the Bible also, so if you feel you need a blessing and a lot of mercy then this may be the paper to read.

Whatever book you take out of the Bible, whether that book is the “Holy Bible” or the “Bible in Spits” – the truth lies in the title somehow.

God blesses us so much in various ways.

Some of the names of the people in the Bible are quite interesting and worth reading. After all, isn’t it a book of stories?

After all the prophets and apostles were all called men of God, and they had unusual names, isn’t it the same with us but this way it is different.

Titus was a tough tough enforcing apostle of the Lord. People up to a point probably could never match his vocabulary or tone, but he was called a “conductor of the things”, a “seeker of the truth”, and a very “forthcoming of the Truth”.

He wrote in a way that stated he was a “seeker” and again a “seeker”. How many people would come to genuine faith in Jesus Christ by way of seeking the truth.

That puts it for you.

Think about what I have said here.

If you want the truth, then the truth has got to be the truth for you. Have you not heard people say, “You must read this, and then you must understand it”, and they will even say this with a smile, but they are serious.

The truth is very simple. Read the Bible and you will understand what it is saying to you.

People say things like, “I know I am a sinner looking for God”. No-one is looking for God, but they are sinners and they need a Saviour.

There is no such thing as ‘one particular sin’ in the Bible. There is just the sin of disobedience to Almighty God.

A better way of saying it would be, “I am a very sinners who needed a Saviour”.

The Bible shows us that we could be healed. It shows us that we could be delivered from these various demons.

Sin and law and sin are all the same. The law says you are forgiven, but it has its own very special daily limitations for which you must account.

What the law does not deal with is the condition to which we hold in bondage.

There is no one piece of law I can keep that is going to be any comfort to me when I come before Almighty God.

I came to know the law and now I am under the law, but if I depended on law I would be defeated.

I can depend on no one but Almighty God and His holy Word.

Through the Word of God we can be rescued from every sin.

John speaks about the doom and destruction of the earth when overburdened with law. The human race had reached such a state of overburdenment.

The law is a comfort, but a comfort is no comfort in a crisis. The law provides a framework, but we have to rely on God for our very tom hungry.

Consider what happened to Job. The law saved him, but so many of us allow the law to lead us into crisis.

There can be law and no law at the same time.

Jesus Christ came to save us from the wrath to come.

What would have been the consequence of the man who discovered the hiding place of the most precious human manifestation – Jesus Christ having been crucified?

Would it have been to have continued living in sin and sin withReference to the Law constantly?

Where Do You Stand With Regard To Real, Genuine, Spiritual Revival
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