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What’s On Your Heart?

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What is your first love? I am sure you have had an experience where you liked something so much that you cannot live without it. Perhaps it was a gift, or a promise or just an impression that made you fall in love with that person.

The process of how you operate in love is just as automatic and simple as that.

If you love what you do you will do it without worrying about the outcome. Of course, if the outcome is important to you, you might not do it. There is a difference between doing something and focusing on what you do. One helps you succeed, the other may poison your success.

Focus on the thing you love.

It could be your work. We all love things that we work on. It could be that you are a great cook, or an artistic builder or a great singer (or all of these!)

What is it that you have created or that you are built on? Even that which is seemingly negative such asees,an downdeathor a neitzsche. You have a way of seeing the essence or the build quality of what you are.

Do you love what you do?

I do.

Am I in love with what I do?

Yes, you are.

Does that make me loud, angry, sad, happy, even frustrated or in some other way different from what is really me?

Yes, because you love it.

Do I have to approve of what you love?

Oh, yes. You absolutely do.

Are you telling me that I don’t have a right to love anything or everyone?

No. But you must love it because through loving what you do you have a way of helping other people to love what they do. And the world will be a better place because you are better at what you love.

What I am describing here are the dual aspects of what you are. Once again they are totally intertwined and they show in everything you do. The desire to be better at whatever that is to be a “something else” so that you can have an experience similar to what your created self – this “you” – does.

You are creating your “self” through the activity of thinking and the activity of writing, and all other human activity. In that way you are creating your life.

activityI am describing here is the act of taking an action or taking an action in life. It is often an activity that is being directed by your beliefs and ideas, desires, emotions, and mental state. That is why it is not considered wrong or bad human activity, if those ideas and desires do no harm to anyone else.

Beliefs and ideas are not what we consider a “thing” they are your thoughts and desires made real through your actions. When you love a thing, and focus your energy on it, it is automatically made real to you.

Thoughts and desires can also be selfish, and used to hungry or exploit another.

But, to return to the main topic, this is all about your contribution to your life. What is your contribution? What is it that you would like to have or that you are contributing to your life? If you are saying that you do not have anything that you would like to have in your life, I can tell you that you are inadvertently stating that you have something that you do not want. Your poverty mentality is outlining what you do want.

In affirmative prayer, you are reminding yourself of the blessings of God. He wants to shower you with blessings and they can start falling into place the moment you decide that you will focus on the good things that He has put in your life.

Keep in mind, you cannot have or do something that you do not have the desire to do. If you want to have a thriving future and build off the things you do from the blessings and wealth that God has placed in your life, then you must believe the prosperity days are behind you.

Socialism and Christianity did not start today and neither should creativity and love. Find the similarities and you will find the similarities will lead you to the desires you do not have.

The secret of making your God day dreams come true is the key to your prosperity in life.

You can create the future of your prosperity and well-being by tapping into your God day visions-the direction of where you want to go, and the people you want to meet, in your prosperity and well-being, and you can start placing a person or company in front of you to make your visions a reality.

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What’s On Your Heart?
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