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What Stands In The Way Of You And Your Heart And Soul’s Desire?

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There will always be obstacles no matter how small or far away they may seem. Life is full of them. Only those obstacles that are intended to help you ultimately triumph. They are put there by those of like minds to help those not like yourself. Opportunities arise and bid you farewell. They are given to you in direct response to the efforts you make to achieve better health, more loving relationships, a more harmonious family, and to contribution your part to the Out reaching to others for their benefit.

When we look at our world and the challenges we face, it seems we would have only a few answers. We can see others have overcome the obstacles and have victory; we only have to look ourselves to see how easily that could be achieved. There is no reason for all the turmoil in the world when one has those same extraordinary elements of living in the present moment, like love, acceptance, and gratefulness, to name a few. When we embrace more of those attributes then the wildfire of emotion and thoughts our mind takes notice. It is then we realize how simple it is to create the path to our hearts.

We must be the cause for our own lives and out of that action and attitude good karma will surely follow. Can you begin to see the wonderful rewards waiting for you when you can fully embrace the heart and soul and mind balance? It’s all about the little things and the Laws of the Universe are written upon the events of our lives when we can fully embrace reality. These laws state that less we have the desire, either at the current level or a higher one, the more we have the ability to achieve.

The Universe will only work with the thoughts and intentions we hold within our being. It is with this thought to heart connection that we see the Grace of the Universe in all that we do. With a heart full of love, compassion, and gratitude we see the hand of the Universal Creator behind all our good. With out the heart full of these emotions, we see all the obstacles we will face and how little we have the ability to overcome them.

The dates we have set for ourselves are the limits of our lives we are at. It is not until we reach these limits that our lives will Linesudge. Until we reach these limits we can never move the mountains; however with time they reach us in the form of “I can’t do this anymore.”

Life with out emotional baggage is one in which you are able to fly. Your baggage is the mountains that cause us to bump and our mind frees to fly with the Universe.

Ignoring the problems and limitations that we personally may have set for ourselves is the best we can do. For as we ignore them, they are played out in the non-form of time and become something that we cannot change.

When we take the problems and limitations that we are faced with into seriously consideration and recognize them as the very stones to our own success, only then can we move on from them and even begin to climb higher and higher and further out of the trouble and into the MEANING of the Good that we can do.

The process of reading and understanding the energies of the World can be broken down into the following areas:

1. Understanding and being grounded in our reality.2. gangs into our lives so that we see the influence that we each are having upon one another.3. Through this recognition, we can begin to assist one another4. As we begin to examine and define these energies, we then can begin to see the underlying spirit that is within all of us, that spirit that heals us.

Ongoing study today will focus more attention to the definitions that we are able to use to help define these energies. We are going to look at the three definitions or aspects of energies that are vital to the world and its evolution:

1. Time is a series of cycles that allow the soul or consciousness to grow,2. Energies are cycles or dances whose length or ” Seasons ” allow the soul to grow, evolve and return to the optimum energy vibration. The word Seasons refers to the fact that these energies pass through our lives on a continuum that is variable and has no set prescribed length, thus the word has birth, ebb and flow.

With this information we will look at the first definition or indicator of energies that is based on time, or the seasons, it would begin with the first in the Life Spirit on the etheric level and return to the physical level when the soul or consciousness reaches the full realization on the physical plane.

That which passes through this plane finds its way to the destination of its return, therefore Soul does not simply drop out of this plane.

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What Stands In The Way Of You And Your Heart And Soul’s Desire?
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