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What Should We Ask About Before We Die?

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There are two distinct approaches to you when you reach the other side, one is to ask about the details of your life up to this date, the other is to ask about the big questions, like what is my destiny, what is my purpose in life?

I firmly believe that a certain amount of mystery should be revealed before we endeavor to dictate our next steps so that we are not caught unawares. One cannot understand the other side, nor see beyond the veil to the future, until one has first been enlightened to the things you cannot see. Hence, it is said, that a person who seeks the secret of wisdom will not turn to any uncle in seeking explanation but will approach a spiritual guide who will hold society in the palm of his hands to show him the answers to the deepest mysteries the mind can imagine. Being one with the universal consciousness, to be able to traverse the distance that we act as intermediary between the dead and the living.

Memento Mori. ‘After Death’ -Time will tell-

After you Die, there is no telling what time it will be when you reach the other side, for the future is unknown to the living, but undoubtedly, you will have a guide there to help you in the way you desire. You will be greeted warmly and have the opportunity to make new friends, or rejoin old ones once again if you were unable to the last time. Loneliness is a state of the way when you are on the other side, but be reassured, you will be in a group of souls from a long time past coming back together again to help each other to continue life’s creed.

What is Incredible is that these groups exist among the living and the dead and even their existence wasiscovered only recently, which tells us the mystery loves to unfold in our midst. Be reminded that you are alone, but you are never alone, and your death will usher you into a place of solace, to feel that everything will be sorted; even the disappointment that you may think is unforgivable, has in fact been misunderstood. Those of the living who give their lives away to help others after they have suffered a loss will also receive similar words of celebration upon their return.

The point is, the further along in life you are, the greater the chance you will be given to pay attention to the genuine needs of others, the true suffering that happens when love is less. Just as life must begin in order to understand the bloated folly that is the body of the distinction between love and reality, in order to rectify this situation, your life must be situated to show the world the magnanimous nature in you. To live and die in outstanding fashion without fail, determined to be a different person this time around, that is the word for ‘perfection’.

You have a golden opportunity to redeem your life and love those who have crossed and are now struggling on their knees, as they too, look up and ask the blessings of God upon their life and soul. Start with a single sheet of paper and jot down all the things you have learned about love and life that you feel you can help others to understand. Whether this means translating a word of Spanish to a foreign language, learning a new hobby and so on or being able to simply help a family member out of the uncanny ‘state of despair’. In the final analysis, all humans are in need of a gentle goodwill and we deem it a waste to despise this notion. By putting our head and hearts in the universal sun, we receive back the love that we would otherwise never receive and to be relentless in our actions because the reward is union with the universe. Those who live like this are the most genuine of all and true to the lives they are living. They do not conform to the rules of other people and so live in integrity.

You can never go wrong living your life as a golden thread that connects one energy into the next and the next and so on. Instead of shoving round the various blocks that the other energies have laid down to trap you into the outer limits of your predictability, try and accept the current state of things and be grateful for the opportunities that are arising at this moment in time. They are indeed in their own form as you perceive them and in beauty perceive them. They are in the language of the soul and so shall it be as their true nature is in integrity and cannot be altered to suit.’ From ‘ Omni’ comes this crucial truth:

Om – Shanti

Om – Shanti (remains)

Om – Shanti (remains)

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What Should We Ask About Before We Die?
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